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Are your Home and Plumbing Ready for Winter?


We’re in the in-between months now, where the trees shake their leaves, the mornings are a little colder and the sun goes down earlier than it did just a couple of months ago. It’s autumn, and soon approaching winter.

And as you mentally and physically adjust to the colder temperatures that soon will be upon us, it’s also time to think about the readiness for your home and/or business for the chilly months.

Want to know if your home and its plumbing is ready for winter? Interested in finding out how to make it so? Read more from the Perth plumber team at Fremantle Plumbing to find out.


Tidy up your garden

Clean your gutters


Now is a great time to safely check and clean your gutters.

Gutters actually do more than catch and divert rainwater. Left unkempt, they can lead to a lot of unfortunate scenarios.

Let a Perth plumber show you what may eventuate from uncleaned gutters:

  • Damage to your sidings (aka wall cladding)
  • Cause excess pressure which can crack tiles
  • Flood areas directly underneath your roof
  • Force water into places it shouldn’t be, through cracks and beneath tiles.

Prepare your home and business for winter by slowly and safely clearing your gutters of any debris and fixing any problem areas up there.



Inspect your downpipes


Gutters and downpipes go together like salt and pepper. You wouldn’t clean and inspect one without doing the same with the other.

Before the winter season really ramps up take a look and see if your downpipes are clogged up with any debris or show any signs of holes from rust.

Brackets may have become loose too, which all needs fixing before any potentially heavy downpours.




Tidy up your garden


Rain is not the only thing expected in the winter months. Rain is good for your gardens, wind…not so much. When strong and gusty winds develop, it can cause a disaster in your backyard if there’s unsecured objects.

What should you do?

  • Secure or store away any outdoor furniture
  • Cut down any overhanging branches, hedge trimmings or leaf piles.

All of the above could damage the exterior of your home or end up in your gutters.


Plumbing checks with a licensed Perth plumber


The problems many Perth plumbers see in and around the home in the winter months is due to blocked drains and tree roots.

Let’s take a look at these plumbing problems:

  • Blocked drains – you might have them if there’s noticeable slow drainage, bad smells or weird gurgling sounds. They’ll only get worse with the influx of winter rainwater.
  • Tree roots – while not visible to the naked eye, tree roots could very well be unknowingly wreaking havoc to your property’s plumbing systems. You might need a cost-effective and no-fuss CCTV drain inspection to investigate further.

A licensed Perth plumber from the team at Fremantle Plumbing will be able to dissolve all your blocked drains problems away.


Need a plumber in Perth?

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