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What is a Plumbing Camera Inspection?

It’s common knowledge that plumbers fix plumbing issues, but how they do it is often a mystery.

Gone are the days of trial of error, of complete excavation to identify a plumbing issue, as modern technology allows hassle-free, destruction-free plumbing inspections.

Today at Fremantle Plumbing we’ll be introducing you to plumbing camera inspections, why they’re used and how they work. Hint hint…they’re a valuable tool to a blocked drain plumber.

For everything blocked drains Perth, read more from Fremantle Plumbing to learn about plumbing camera inspections.

What is a plumbing camera or CCTV?

A plumbing camera is a plumbing contraption in for form of a small, purpose-built camera.

They are often a blocked drain plumbers’ best friend, used to inspect the insides of plumbing pipes including sewer and stormwater pipes.

Plumbing cameras are:

  • Long reaching with a flexible cable,
  • Perfect for easy travel through bends in underground pipes,
  • Advanced technology, critical for diagnosing and reaching those hard to reach pipes.

As pipes are often hidden from view, underground, in walls etc. a CCTV camera inspection from a plumbing camera makes it easy to identify, diagnose and solve problems with little to no excavation.

Lowering the cost, lowering the damage and reducing the trial and error of plumbing of yesteryear, plumbing cameras are a welcomed tool, solving everything blocked drains Perth.

How does a plumbing camera inspection work?

A plumbing camera inspection should be left to the professional plumbers in Perth, particularly a blocked drain plumber. There exists a range of plumbing cameras for different uses.

Here’s a rough example of how a plumbing camera inspection works:

  1. A call is made to the blocked drains Perth specialists at Fremantle Plumbing.
  2. Once arrived, the plumber will determine the best access point to feed the camera through.
  3. The camera will display real-time, high-resolution video footage to the monitor, where your Perth plumber can examine the issue.
  4. Often, this footage is recorded and available to the client for a record of any issue.
  5. Once assessed, your blocked drains plumber will communicate any issues and recommend the best solution.
  6. In most cases, a blocked drain can be cleared with a high-pressure drain clean using a jet blaster machine. If the pipes are damaged however, excavation may be necessary.

A plumbing camera helps to identify the issue reliably, above-ground with the least amount of destruction and downtime. Look to a Perth blocked drain plumber who utilise this technology to inspect and diagnose residential and commercial plumbing, sewer lines and stormwater pipes.

A blocked drain plumber Perth specialist

At Fremantle Plumbing, we specialise providing both residential and commercial plumbing solutions to the people of Perth.

When DIY plumbing remedies only go so far, you need a blocked drain plumber who:

  • Identifies the problem(s) quickly with little to no disruption,
  • Communicates honestly with clients, and
  • Remedies blocked drains fast, and not a temporary fix.

The best technology and service can be found at Fremantle Plumbing. We’ve been solving everything blocked drains Perth for over 60 years.

Need a blocked drain plumber? Contact Fremantle Plumbing today for a fast and reliable Perth plumber to dissolve, unclog and remedy your blocked drain problems in no time.

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