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Water Jets vs. Cable Machines: What’s the Difference?

A Perth blocked drain expert explains what the differences are between water jetters and cable drain cleaners. 

Every homeowner will have to deal with a blocked drain in Perth at some point. It’s inevitable. Over time, toilets, sinks, and showers collect stray material, which can lead to slow drainage or overflow. It can be frustrating and messy, depending on the severity. Sometimes, a standard plunger won’t cut it. These situations call for something with more power. 

There are many options available to clean out clogged drains. Each option can be used to clear different types. Fremantle Plumbing prefers to use a high-pressure hot water jetter for the toughest clogs. Although water jets may not be as efficient as traditional cable machines in all situations, they are more effective. Cable machines are designed to do different tasks. Let’s look at the differences and see what each one has to offer. 


Cable Machines 


Cable machines are also known as plumbing snakes and plumbing augers. They are made of long metal tubes that contain a cable. A hand crank allows the cable to pull out of the tube and into pipes. Once the cable has reached the clog, and you feel resistance, keep turning the crank to push the clog out. You can pull the drain out of the drain once it has broken through. 

There are a few types of cable machines. Some are straight tubes, which can be used to drain the sink or fix blocked shower drains in Perth. Some have a J-shaped bend that is used to navigate toilet drains. 

For minor Perth shower drain blockages and clogs in drains, cables are a great option. If your plunger fails to remove the blockage, Fremantle plumbing snakes can usually be used to clear the drain. However, they aren’t a permanent solution as they don’t clean all your pipes. 

Traditional cable drain cleaners are great at removing tree roots and retrieving objects. However, cables have a tough time with grease clogs. 

Cable machines can cut through the stoppage, but they can’t clean the pipes’ walls. Because the accumulation layer has reduced the pipes inside diameter, it is possible to clog the line again.  


Water Jet  


Drain line water jetters are more efficient than cable machines at clearing blocked drains in Perth. 

They are great for cleaning grease-clogged lines as well as flushing sand out of belly lines and melting ice blockages. High pressure water is used to cut the grease from the pipes and flush it away. The nozzle’s thrust drives the hose along the line for wall-to-wall cleaning. 

The combination of an inspection camera and a jetter can unblock the drain as well as reveal the cause. This will help to prevent future blockages. The high-pressure hot water jetter is equipped with a drilled nozzle. It works by inserting its nozzle into the blocked drain, sewer, and downpipe. The high-pressure water flowing through the drain can remove any build-up or residue and flush out any foreign objects with a proper root nozzle that might be blocking the pipes. 

A forward-facing water jet cuts through blockages, followed by a backward-facing jet that scours the pipeline for blockages, cleaning all 360 degrees. Our vacuum technology safely disposes of all debris and contaminates. 

This procedure is cost friendly as it reduces labour costs by reducing the time required to complete the task. The technology does the rest. 


Environmentally Friendly 


Water jetting eliminates the clog completely, safely, and effectively, as opposed to snake-type cleaners. These cleaners break down debris, but then leave behind a layer of debris that can cause a re-clog. The water jetting system uses only water to dissolve the blockage. No harmful chemicals are allowed to go down the drain or into your water system.  


Easy to Clear Blockages 


High-pressure water jetting cleans drains faster than any other method. It can reach deeper into solidified debris (especially when hot water is used) and flush out roots, rocks, and minerals as well as any other obstructions that may clog or get stuck on pipes. Cable machines can be used to cut the sewer lines. A steel spring cable is used to jump and bounce around, trying to get through any blockages. However, this could cause damage to the pipes. The debris can be left behind. High-pressure water jetters can be used to clear blockages. They will push any debris into the main line of the sewer to eliminate further blockages. 


Hot Water Benefits  


Hot water and jetting are proven to be more effective in cleaning pipes. Hot water is particularly effective in removing fat, oil, and grease (FOG) build-up. It will also soften scale buildups. 


Which Is the Best Choice for You? 


We’ve seen two ways to clear your pipes. It’s evident that both have great benefits and are very effective. However, your situation and the severity of the problem will determine which option you choose. The classic cable machines are great for clearing small blockages or slow-draining pipes, such as food debris in the sink or excessive toilet paper. The hot water jetter works best for stubborn clogs that cannot be removed using a standard plunger, plumbing snake, or grease build-up from pipes or tree roots. 

To ensure maximum performance, homes and businesses must maintain their sewer lines. Water jet sewer cleaning is a cost-effective and efficient way to keep your sewer lines open for longer. Water jetting can also be used to clean out drain pipes and driveway culverts. Contact us at Fremantle Plumbing today for high-pressure water jetting sewer cleaning of your lines. 

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