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How to Plan for Plumbing When Building a New Home

Plumbing is a key aspect of a new home construction.


A great plumbing system is a must for building a functional and comfortable home. It is essential that you get the plumbing right from the very beginning of the planning phase.  Poorly functioning plumbing systems in Perth can lead disasters in the future. You need to prevent any issues, from blocked drains to flooding and everything in between. How do you do that? These are some of the things you should keep in mind when building your home.


Future and Current Plumbing Needs


While you might be a small, close-knit family now, how will it change in the future? Consider your future needs when planning your bathroom. You need to think about how many bathrooms you’ll need. How many rooms in your house will require water supply? You must ensure that the pipes, drain lines, or sewers are installed so they work properly. Installing pipes to add a bathroom or spa bath will cost you more in the long-term. Also, outdoor plumbing needs must be considered, and plans should be made.


Secure Permits


Before installing a Perth plumbing system, you must first obtain and secure the appropriate permits. Although it may take some time, obtaining permits will ensure your home is compliant with all safety and code requirements. A permit is required to allow professionals to inspect your plumbing design and prevent future problems.

Talk to your Fremantle plumber about whether they can get the permits for you or not. Don’t assume anything.


Centralise the Plumbing Design


The closer the plumbing systemin Perth is to the intended destination, the better it will be in terms of logistics and future maintenance and repair.

These include:

  • Water heater
  • Water softener
  • Furnace
  • Sewer connection
  • Sewage ejector pit

Keep in mind that they are not the most attractive sights in your house, so it is best to hide them. They can be placed near each other in the basement, stairwell, or a closet.


Wet Wall Sharing


A wet wall refers to a portion of a room’s walls which houses the sewer lines, water pipes and vent stacks. It’s a great way to save money and your time. You will be able to purchase fewer supplies and work less. This is possible by having kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other spaces share walls.

Materials used to build a wet wall are different from other walls. These special materials can be expensive, so it is best to have as few walls as possible.


Consider Water Softeners


Installing water softeners is a great option if you have hard water issues. Even if you don’t have any issues now, you should consider getting one to help you in the future. Installing water softeners will be difficult in the future, so you can save money by having one installed while you build your home. 

When installing something in your home, think about the long-term. You can save money and avoid the stress of having to buy new appliances.


Use Quality and Water Saving Materials


You should only use high-quality materials to install your home’s plumbing system. Choose the highest quality pipes to last you a long time without needing repairs.

Even if the leakage is small, a leaky tap could cause you to lose litres upon litres of water. You should invest in high-quality plumbing fixtures to ensure water efficiency and low wastage. Use low-flow toilets and sinks. This will help reduce water consumption and lower utility bills. Mother Nature will be happier too.


Make A List of Rooms That Require Water Access


When designing your plumbing system layout, it is best to think about all rooms that require water access. Bathrooms, kitchen and laundry are the most important areas to consider.



When designing a house, consider how many bathrooms you will need. It’s best to assess each one individually. Do you need a guest bathroom? Do you have a bathtub? A Spa? A shower? It is a good idea to write down the luxuries that your bathroom will include, along with the required toilets and sinks.




You should consider what appliances you will use in your kitchen when designing it. Water lines are required for the sink, refrigerator and dishwasher. It is important to consider future renovations, such as an addition of a kitchen island. If you plan on installing a sink in your future, you will need a plumbing line.


Laundry Area


As important as the kitchen and bathrooms, the laundry room is equally important. To make it easier to use and install the washer connections, you need to place them in the correct places. To avoid water build-up in your laundry area, you should have a proper drainage line.

These are just a few of the priorities. If you have a garden or an outdoor tub and want to install a pool, you will need a good plumbing layout. You can make future installations much easier by creating a plan for everything.


Accessible Shit-Off Placement


You don’t want to have to swim across a flooded basement to turn off the water supply in an emergency. Although it’s unlikely, it is better to be safe than sorry. The shutoff valve should be located near the basement’s entry or in a place that is easily accessible from the outside. This is so that the shutoff valve can be quickly turned off if necessary. You can save hundreds of dollars by turning off the main water supply quickly if a pipe bursts.


Work with a Professional Plumber


It is not a good idea to DIY the plumbing in your new home. It is not a good idea to run the risk of causing safety problems in your new home. You should hire a plumber who is qualified to complete all Perth plumbing work and can provide expert advice. Offer support, but let the contractor handle the entire process.

These factors will allow you to create a home that is functional, but also efficient. Your Fremantle plumbing needs should never be overlooked. 

Fremantle Plumbing is one pf Perth’s most trusted plumbing companies and can help you safely plan, design and install the plumbing system in your new home, to the highest standards and craftsmanship. Get in touch today.

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