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3 benefits of professional drain cleaning

Not everyone realises that regular drain cleaning is a necessary part of regular plumbing maintenance. This is only a detriment, which naturally leads to clogging and blocked drains throughout residential and commercial settings.

There’s plenty of reasons why professional drain cleaning methods should be utilised before they become an emergent necessity.

Want to know 3 benefits of professional drain cleaning?

Read more from the Perth blocked drains plumbers at Fremantle Plumbing to find out.

Fast and efficient cleaning now and in the future

There are a handful of DIY drain cleaning and clearing methods that you can try yourself, at home. However, these aren’t always guaranteed to work, and if they do – they’re unlikely to be a permanent fix.

What causes blocked drains? The common culprits are:

  • Grease (kitchen cooking fats and oils) and food scraps
  • Hair
  • Soap
  • Dirt, leaves, plant roots and other natural debris.

When you choose professional drain cleaning, you’re ensuring full and professional flushed clean drains, with no risk of residue or leftovers left behind to quickly form a new blockage.

Your local Perth blocked drains plumber is equipped with the expertise and equipment to fulfil this job efficiently the first time, fighting blockages now and in the future.

Professional drain cleaning finds any future issues

Think professional drain cleaning only tackles blocked drains? Think again.

If you own your home and/or run a business, it’s highly recommended to have your pipes and drains inspected. When you organise professional drain cleaning, your trusted Perth plumber can find, diagnose, communicate and solve any future plumbing problems and potential points of concern.

Some examples of these are:

  • Pipe corrosion
  • Rust
  • Leaking pipes.

From here, we can communicate you the best management, repair or replacement plan going forward.

After all, prevention and awareness now are better than an expensive emergency, tomorrow.

Safety never comes second

DIY drain cleaning may give you a sense of accomplishment, but it can also be a dangerous venture if you don’t have the correct training or equipment.

As we touched on earlier, DIY chemical drain cleaning might provide a temporary fix, even breaking down the blockage, however, these ‘fixes’ more so damage pipes, than don’t.

Innovative, non-invasive drain cleaning technologies and equipment is the best solution, clearing away any problems without ever damaging or compromising plumbing pipes.

Trust in professional drain cleaning from Fremantle Plumbing

Did you know that the team at Fremantle Plumbing are third generation plumbing and drainage specialists? You can truly believe us when we say we have seen it all when it comes to blocked drains.

We utilise innovative drain cleaning equipment and technology, such as:

  • High pressure water jets
  • CCTV plumbing camera inspections and blockage location equipment.

We can even provide detailed property drainage reports that include photos and videos.

Do you have blocked drains? Leave it to the experts and rely on the guaranteed benefits of professional drain cleaning. Contact Fremantle Plumbing today and see how the blocked drains experts since 1952 can help you.

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