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High Pressure Drain Cleaning

Fremantle Plumbing Service are the drain cleaning experts!

Got blocked drains? Fremantle Plumbing are 3rd Generation Plumbing High Pressure Drain Cleaning specialists!

We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the Australian designed drainage system, and will provide you with affordable advice and legacy installations that stand the testament of time.

Did you know we can even provide a warranty for blocked drains! Ask you how today!

Fremantle Plumbing Service have the latest in High Pressure water jetting, CCTV inspection and location equipment allowing pin point accuracy to the at cause of the blockage, clearing pipes with second to non efficiency! 

Signs of a Blocked Drain:

• Is water beginning to pool around the shower or bath?
• Do your drains gurgle or bubble?
• Bad smells coming from the drains?
• Is water in your toilet slow to drain?
• Has the drains been overflowing out side?

Clearing the Blockage

Commonly Plumbers use a drain machine or drain rods to clear a blocked basin, shower or toilet and while this traditional method has proved to work, it doesn’t always provide the long term results clients hope for.

Fremantle Plumbing take out the guess work with the use of our state of the art High Pressure Drain Cleaning systems that operate at 5000PSI, it cuts through the toughest tree roots and debris with ease.

Inspect and Prevent

Once the blockage is cleared and the drain is flowing we can then inspect the condition of the drain using our CCTV inspection and location equipment. Our trained technicians can provide precise depth, location, direction and flow of all drains. As result this allows our team to precisely clear any remaining partial blockages and quote on permanent solution.

Fremantle Plumbing service also provides detailed property drainage reports, including photos and videos!