Got an emergency?
Contact us 24/7
Got an emergency? Contact us 24/7

24 Hour Emergency

24 Hour Emergency Plumbing Perth


Got a Plumbing Emergency?
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Fremantle Plumbing Service has been providing 24 hour Emergency Plumbing to the greater Fremantle Area for over 65 years! Our team are on call for any 24 hour Emergency Plumbing.

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Do you have a Blocked Drain?

Have you got a Burst Pipe?

Do you have a Gas Leak?

Do you have a No Hot Water?

Fremantle Plumbing Service are on call for any 24 hour emergency, if you are in need of an emergency plumber don’t hesitate to call us.

Being based in the Fremantle area allows our team to be extremely responsive. Our team carries all the materials and equipment needed to get them out of any sticky situation thrown their way.

When we receive an emergency plumbing call we will first identify the problem to determine first is a there a serious safety risk, requires immediate action or if we can advise to wait until the morning saving you money.