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Do blocked drains cause rising damp?

Blocked drains and rising damp are two things nobody wants in their home and business.

Blocked drains are more than just a nuisance, they can lead to flooding and even health issues caused by bacteria growth and allergic irritants. 

Rising damp too isn’t good for people’s health, with mould creation causing allergies, asthma and irritation to the throat, eyes and skin.

But do blocked drains cause rising damp?

Read more from your local Fremantle plumber, to find out.


The all-important question

Can blocked drains causing rising damp?

Unfortunately, yes – blocked drains are actually a very common cause of rising damp.

This means to what was initially assumed an inconvenience, a blocked drain, or multiple blocked drains may do more damage to your property than you might realise.


  • Faulty drainage systems (pipes) can spread damp and wet rot, which although invisible at first, its leaks caused by blockages will slowly appear, infiltrating both walls and floors.
  • From this, a moisture-filled environment will ensue, making it incredibly easier for both dam and mould to spread throughout the building, even negatively impacting the structural stability of your home or business – creating very real health risks along the way.

Read on as we look at the signs of rising damp to watch out for.


5 signs of rising damp to look out for

Every home and/or business owner should know how to identify the warning signs of rising damp.

Why? Because recognising the signs quickly, will give you a fighting chance to act before it spreads to multiple areas in your home or business.

The 5 signs:

  1. Dark or discoloured spots, including wet looking patches on the walls
  2. Excessive amounts of condensation, particularly on windows
  3. Mould popping up on ceiling, surfaces and/or walls
  4. Musty, damp and unappealing odours
  5. Peeling wallpaper and paint in wet rooms of the home or business (like bathrooms and laundries).



What to do next?

Identified any or all of the above warning signs of rising damp?

There are three things you should check, moving forward.

These are:

  1. Checking downpipes and gutters for debris and leaks.
  2. Inspecting your pipes for damage including breakages and cracks. Remember, not all pipes are visible to the naked eye. Contact your local Perth blocked drains plumber to expertly assist.
  3. Examine your drains for blockages.

We’ve already covered what causes blocked drains. You can find out for yourself, here.


Call in the experts

Keep your family, employees, clients, customers and of course, yourself safe in your building by knowing and acting on the signs of rising damp.

The best thing you can do is to prevent rising damp at the source, and a big part of that is keeping your drains free from blockages with healthy plumbing habits.

Too late and already experiencing the impacts of a blocked drain or blocked drains?

Don’t delay, call in the Perth blocked drains experts at Fremantle Plumbing today.



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