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Are Blocked Drains the Bane of Your Existence? Read This

A blocked drain is something we all want to avoid.  

They can be the bane of residential or commercial plumbing systems if they occur again and again, inconveniencing life and business operations. 

Blocked drains in your home or business are likely warning signs of a bigger issue that will rear its ugly head one day. So, it’s important you know what you’re dealing with. 

Sick and tired of blocked drains? DIY drain unblocking methods not working? 

Read more from a blocked drains plumber about why blocked drains are formed and how to fix them. 


The many reasons behind blocked drains in Perth 

It’s a common saying “gone, but not forgotten,” however, when it comes to plumbing systems it’s often the opposite. What’s forgotten, most definitely isn’t gone…especially if it’s not supposed to be in your plumbing in the first place! 

Let’s take a look at the common culprits of blocked drains: 

  • Hair and other organic materials.  

Did you know it’s normal to lose between 50 and 100 hairs a day? This doesn’t mean your shower and bathroom drains like it! 

  • Trapped food or waste particles in a kitchen or bathroom sink drainpipe may not only block drains but sprout foul odours and attract bugs. 
  • Small toys or jewellery dropped down toilets or drains, either accidentally or on purpose. 
  • Faulty or poorly installed drainage pipes. 
  • Tree roots and natural detritus growing into and blocking your residential or commercial plumbing systems. 
  • Shifted building foundations and water flow issues. 
  • Extreme weather events like heavy rains and storms. 

It’s important to be aware of what causes blocked drains, so you can try your best to manage and prevent them from occurring. Remember prevention is key when it comes to protecting and maintaining plumbing systems. 


Fixing blocked drains in Perth 

Now that you know what causes blocked drains, it’s time for the most important part: fixing them. 

Not all blocked drain fixes are the same. 

Let’s take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly blocked drain fixes: 

  • DIY chemical drain cleaning may actually cause more issues then they solve. Although quick and easy to use, the harsh chemicals involved can corrode your drainpipes and cause serious leaks. 
  • Boiling water is a simple and effective treatment for simple and straightforward blockages. It’s easy and doesn’t cost you a thing! 
  • A good plunger is also an inexpensive DIY solution to blocked drains. Plunging is proven to be quite good for solid blockages, but not the best for grease build-ups or mineral deposits. 
  • Calling in the big guns, a blocked drains plumber. A blocked drains plumber can utilise a number of professional and safe strategies. For example, a plumber’s snake (or electrical eel), CCTV drain inspections and hydro jets and drain machines are what we’re well-equipped with and ready to use. 

Some blocked drains are more straight-forward than others. If you can’t clear it naturally and easily yourself, it’s time to call a blocked drains plumber. 


Fremantle Plumbing offer more than just blocked drain services 

From blocked drains to general maintenance and so much more, Fremantle Plumbing are a full-service plumbing and gas company in Perth who provide residential and commercial services. 


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