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What causes blocked drains?

What causes blocked drains?

We often don’t think about our plumbing systems until something goes wrong.

Toilet not flushing? Drains noticeably slow to drain? If you can see, smell or hear a difference in your drains, toilets or sinks, there’s probably a blocked drain to blame.

Read more from your blocked drain plumber, Fremantle Plumbing, to learn see what causes blocked drains, how you can prevent them, and how your Plumber in Perth can come to the rescue.


The main types of blocked drains

Perhaps your kitchen sink is draining slowly, your toilet is making a gurgling noise, or a tree root has made a home within your broken pipes.

There’s many causes for your blocked drains and calling your local Fremantle plumber will have your plumbing woes diagnosed and repaired quick smart.

The most common drain blockages are:

  • Blocked toilets and sinks,
  • Blocked bath and shower drains,
  • Clogged sewer lines, and
  • Gutter blockages.

Rather than a quick patch-up job, your Plumber in Perth will provide you with long-term plumbing and drainage solutions.


The blocked drain culprits

From foreign items in your pipes, water build-up and hair, your Fremantle Plumber has seen it all.

Here’s the most common causes of blocked drains:

  • Roots

Did you know tree roots from our garden and surrounding areas are one of the common culprits of blocked drains? While we encourage plants in our garden to grow, we often forget that their roots are too, growing below the surface.

Cracks or loose joints allow vapour to escape towards cool soil. Tree roots grow towards this in search of moisture and nutrients, making your broken pipes their new home.

  • Cooking oils and grease

It’s pretty common knowledge that the grease from fatty foods solidifies when it cools down. As it hardens when poured down the drain, you’re increasing the likelihood of a blocked kitchen drain.

To remove oil blockages, an unblocking agent will do the trick, or a visit from your Fremantle Plumber. Protect your plumbing systems by never pouring leftover oil down the kitchen sink.

  • Hair

Did you know it’s normal for people with long hair to lose between 50-100 strands of hair per day? This is even before the intensity of a good shampoo rise and dry!

So, you can relax in knowing that losing hair in the shower is normal, but you should still try and remove your hair clumps before the shower drain gets clogged.

Hair build-up dampening your shower time? Your Plumber in Fremantle will help with blocked drain repairs.

  • Foreign objects

If you have small children, you’ll know all about their need to test out whacky theories. Yes – that includes seeing if figurines and stuffed animals can survive a serious toilet flushing!

A Perth blocked drain plumber is the specialist in diagnosing drain blockages, advising on plumbing repairs and replacement, and hopefully recovering your child’s beloved toy.

Your blocked drain plumber in Perth

Fremantle Plumbing has been providing valued plumbing service to the local community since 1952. For residential and commercial blocked drain repairs, your blocked drain plumber in Perth can locate, advise on and repair your pipes, drains and plumbing systems.

Need help unblocking your drains? Contact your Perth Plumber, Fremantle Plumbing today for blocked drain repairs that’s timely and reliable.



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