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Septic Tanks

Is your Septic Tank Full or Overflowing?

Fremantle Liquid Waste is a family-owned and operated business since 1990 servicing Septic Tanks for the whole Perth Metro Area for more than 30 years.

Having problems with your septic tank in Perth? Call Fremantle Liquid Waste today!

What to do if your septic is full:

Check the levels of both septic tanks and leech drain. There may be a blockage, identifying the problem and locating the tanks for ease of servicing will save you money.

If the leech drain is full, it has either reached its daily effluent limit or has failed. This can be caused by too much use or a running tap.

Failed Leech Drains are the most common cause of Septic Tank Blockages. Once the leech drain is full there is nowhere for the sewage to go and the system backs up.

A septic tank has FOUR main functions:

• Separates sewage solids from liquids
• Reduces stools and dissolves mostly urine by anaerobic bacteria
• Stores inorganic solids and minerals as fine silt on the floor
• Allows effluent to infiltrate into the ground by a leech drain or soak well.

Servicing of a septic tank involves removing the lid and pumping out 100% of liquid and solid contents for the most effective service. Out recommendation for a family home of 4 is 3-4 years.