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What To Do In A Commercial Plumbing Emergency

If you’re an adult you have probably, at some point in your life, experienced something of a plumbing emergency.

It sort of goes with the territory. A bit like having to deal with a flat tyre or a difficult child.

Such life experience has probably also taught you already that a leaky sink faucet or a running toilet are not necessarily what you would call EMERGENCIES, and you’d be right about that. And you probably don’t need the best plumber Fremantle has to offer to tell you that investing in a half-decent plunger comes in handy from time to time. It does by the way!

But when it comes to a commercial plumbing emergency? Well, that’s a different story altogether and we don’t expect you to know very much at all about what to do when things start to go wrong. So below is some advice on what to do when things go wrong.


Don’t Panic

I know it is easier said than done when things start to get out of control and all you can see around you is water flooding the environment and on the rise. But don’t panic! It often looks worse than it is and, in these circumstances, there may well be some blocked drains in and around Perth that are causing the problem. So long as people are safe and no one is in danger of getting hurt, this is probably a phone call to a drain plumber in Perth like Fremantle Plumbing rather than the emergency services.

In these circumstances it is a good idea to divide and conquer in order to work quickly and effectively to minimise the damage. So while someone is phoning for help, another individual can try to …


Turn Off The Water

If you can – turn off the water immediately. 

Ordinarily, the water shut off valve can be found in the kitchen or utility room and you turn off the water by turning the mains tap clockwise.

Now, not everyone knows exactly where to do this in a commercial property. So if you don’t know, contact the commercial property manager to find out. If you can reach the water mains it could really help to control the situation before we get there.


Please Be Safe!

This may sound obvious. It may be common sense. It may be teaching you to suck eggs. But please, please, please be safe. There’s no point in being a hero and trying to turn off the water if it involves any personal risk. Avoid walking through flood waters, do not go anywhere near electricity or power lines and please leave anything dangerous to the best plumber in Fremantle. It’s what we get paid for!

Serious plumbing problems can create extremely dangerous environments. Especially in commercial environments where chemicals are stored. So once again. BE SAFE.


Call Us


One of the biggest challenges in dealing with a commercial plumbing emergency is calling the right person to deal with it.

At Fremantle Plumbing, we have been dealing with blocked drains in Perth for 70 years. Our extensive experience encompasses just about every commercial plumbing emergency you can think of. From the oil and gas industry to waste water treatment, there is not much we haven’t tackled over the years.

Our plumbers are highly trained and well qualified to help you manage your problem. Hiring plumbers who do not know what they are doing is a major risk which could result in permanent damage to your site or workplace. Even if you decide not to use Fremantle Plumbing, make sure the plumber you do use is at the very least licensed and insured.

The potential liability for sewerage contamination or burst piping in a commercial environment can be considerable, so please do the right thing and hire an experienced expert. 

Doing the job properly in the first place is of course the best course of action and that is why you should call us. 

You can call us 24/7 on 08 9337 1414 and our staff will be able to assist you.


Know Your Emergency

Protecting public health is extremely important and so a burst pipe, gas leak, roof leak or signs of any structural damage are very serious and classed as an emergency. You need to act now.

If water needs to be restored to the property, you need to take action to prevent water damage. A blocked drain needs to be cleared or a waste connection needs to be repaired to protect public health? You are looking at a commercial plumbing emergency.

Some simple questions will help identify if you need to call an emergency plumber.

Can I Smell Gas?  

Yes. Call us immediately.


Yes. Call us immediately.


Yes. Call us immediately.


Yes. Call us immediately.


Yes. Call us immediately.

Speed Is The Key

In a commercial plumbing emergency you need quick responders and our response to our customers’ emergencies is one of the reasons why we have been in business for 70 years and why we are considered the best plumber in Fremantle.

Not only are we specialists in blocked drains in Perth, we are quick to answer the call and can beat our competitors to your front door. 


Preventative Plumbing

As much as we love to help you out in dire circumstances and pride ourselves on handling all commercial plumbing emergencies, at Fremantle Plumbing we know that the best plumbing you can do is preventative plumbing.

Regular maintenance and already having a commercial plumbing advisor will not only help avoid any problems before they happen, it will also help to build a trusted partnership in the event something does go wrong.

Whilst burst pipes and blocked drains is our bread and better we are experts in our field and will be happy to help you with all aspects of your commercial plumbing requirements. 

Get in touch today and let’s talk about how we can help you.






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