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Why is preventive maintenance so important?

They say being proactive is far better than being reactive.

This couldn’t be more true with your Perth plumbing needs.

When considering your Perth home’s plumbing requirements, just like most other things, it needs regular plumbing maintenance. This is to ensure every aspect of your plumbing system is in premium working order and runs with no issues.

Failing to have a regular routine maintenance and repairs check with a plumbing service provider in Perth can eventually lead to break downs, which can then lead to major problems.

What does all this mean? 


When you have a car, you get it serviced by your car sales provider or you take it to the mechanic, right? You do this to check for system failures, safety clearance and for overall functionality of your vehicle. This sample principle applies to your plumbing system, this is essentially your home’s engine, and without it working properly it can have catastrophic repercussions down the road. This helps to prevent your plumbing system from suffering an untimely malfunction, and could save you thousands of dollars in future repair bills.

A plumbing maintenance service by Fremantle Plumbing is designed to prevent your home’s plumbing from suffering a major problem over the years. We don’t want your home to experience a bursting water pipe or backflow issues. As this could cause a lot of damage to your house in Perth. When your plumber in Perth from Fremantle Plumbing pays a visit to your house, they’ll check everything over thoroughly. They will then alert you regardingly any  problem areas that need attention promptly. You will get a report from us. 


Why is it important? 


Apart from what we have mentioned above, preventative plumbing can have heaps of benefits including: 

  • Longevity of your plumbing system – get the most out of your plumbing
  • Wellbeing and peace of mind that all systems are functioning optimally
  • Preventative plumbing maintenance can potentially save you a lot of money, by avoiding costly repairs
  • Avoiding contamination of your water – which is a health risk 
  • Poor plumbing can also lead to odours, which no one in your home wants!
  • Preventative plumbing maintenance works out cheaper than having to perform major repairs 
  • Engaging us on a regular basis is a stress-free approach, compared to getting a shock when things have become dire 

We can all agree that it is always a wiser choice to try and prevent something from occurring in the first place, rather than having to deal with a massive headache in a few years time. 


Are you looking for a preventative plumbing maintenance partner in Perth? Then look no further!


Prevention is always more preferable to finding a cure and usually a lot cheaper and more stress-free too. Get in touch with your local plumbing experts from Fremantle Plumbing. We are passionate about offering you a high-quality service. 

Our team is quick to respond, and would love to bring plumbing maintenance solutions to your home or business. Get in touch!

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