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What is Liquid Waste Disposal?

Liquid waste disposal – is not a very nice collection of words, but actually a very necessary service for societies across the world.

Transporting and disposing of liquid waste in a safe, environmentally friendly manner is an all-important step to a clean business and clean future.

Want to know what liquid waste disposal is? Read more from your Perth plumber team at Fremantle Plumbing to find out

What is liquid waste?

Essentially, liquid waste is defined as any form of liquid residue that is hazardous for people and the environment. These forms of waste can be either purely liquid, bulky or sludgy.

Disposing of liquid waste is no feat that just any average person can do. This is where liquid waste disposal services come to the rescue.

Where is liquid waste present?

  • Restaurants,
  • Cars and car washes,
  • Homes,
  • Any residential or commercial facility that uses washing machines,
  • Laboratories and industrial buildings which feature tank-clearing practices.

Liquid waste is created and builds in grease traps, septic tanks and is commonly seen in the form of surfactants, wash-water, prescribed waste, oily water, clinical wastes, solvents, paints, inks and dyes, pesticides, photographic wastes and chemical wastes.

As you can see, there’s more to liquid waste than the average person would ever think.

Why you need professional liquid waste disposal services

Any liquid waste you come into contact with, in the home or at work, or even in the community, should be treated with caution. Definitely arrange for a professional to complete liquid waste disposal on your behalf, too, as some substances can be incredibly dangerous.

These are a sample of dangerous liquid, chemical waste materials:

  • Formaldehyde,
  • Alcohols,
  • Corrosive agents like caustics and acids, and
  • Contaminated, biological and/or quarantined waste.

Incorrect and/or negligent liquid waste disposal has been seen and continues to be seen throughout the world. One only needs to look at the ill effects of the local population and environment where liquid waste has contaminated waterways.

Ensure you, as an individual, and your workplace organises efficient and safe liquid waste disposal.

Where to find liquid waste disposal services in Perth

Fremantle Plumbing is not just your average Perth plumber and blocked drains specialist. We offer liquid waste disposal services, too.

Our specialised vacuum truck services include:

Fremantle Plumbing don’t just safely take away and dispose of your liquid waste, we also clean your septic tanks, grease traps and oily water. This ensures no potentially hazardous materials are ever left behind that may damage the health of the environment, yourself or others.

Rest assured that when you choose Fremantle Plumbing, your liquid waste disposal needs are met, safely and professionally, all the time and every time.

With 30 years’ experience in efficient clean ups and liquid waste disposals, Fremantle Plumbing are a great team to have on standby for your liquid waste needs.

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