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9 signs that indicate your hot water system is on its last legs

Hot water is one of life’s simplest luxuries and one that’s almost always taken for granted. There really is some truth to the saying ‘you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.’

On average, the lifespan of hot water systems falls anywhere between 10 and 15 years.

Think your water system is almost on its way out? The local Perth plumbers at Fremantle Plumbing weigh in down below on the 9 signs that show you might be right.

Read on to find out what they are.

What causes hot water problems?

Regular plumbing maintenance by a licensed plumber will shed a light on any minor, large or future plumbing issues – including that of your hot water system.

What can cause problems with your much needed and well-appreciated hot water?

  • Blocked strainers which cause problems with the water flow rate. Strainers remove unwanted solids from liquid, gas or stream lines.
  • Blocked filters and shower restrictors. Shower restrictors control the amount of water that flows from the shower head.
  • Changes to hot water usage.
  • Faulty thermocouples. A thermocouple is a device used to measure temperature.
  • Incorrect gas pressure settings.
  • Leaking or faulty tempering valves. Tempering valves are used to manage water temperature in a hot water system by mixing hot water with cold water to enhance safety and minimise the risks of scalding.
  • Power outages.

Getting on top of these areas of concern before they cause larger, more expensive issues down the track, is sure to be well-appreciated, too!

Look for the 9 signs

There are 9 signs that indicate your hot water system is on its last legs. You don’t need to experience all 9 of them, because a combination or even one could point to cold, shivery times ahead.

What are the 9 signs to look out for?

  1. Water flowing from your taps is rusty brown in colour
  2. The water is comprised of sediment while also looking and feeling muddy
  3. Odd crackling and popping sounds are coming from the hot water system itself
  4. ‘Water hammer’ (a knocking noise resulting from a pressure surge) is heard when hot taps are turned on and/or off
  5. The pilot light regularly goes out
  6. Less hot water is present, and is by no means consistent
  7. Water flow and pressure isn’t stable
  8. The heat of your water is fluctuating a lot
  9. You run out of hot water on a regular basis.

If any (or all the above) are inconveniencing your shower time, daily living, or business operations – you need to organise hot water system repair or replacement. Pronto!

Get back to beautiful, hot water fast

Fremantle Plumbing are who to call when your hot water system is on the way out or fails completely.

You can rely on our high quality, reliable and fast plumbing and gas services to get you back to beautiful hot water in no time at all.

Has inconsistent or complete lack of hot water got you down?

Contact Fremantle Plumbing today for fast, friendly, and affordable hot water system repairs or replacement.

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