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A Guide to Hot Water Systems

When you’re building a new home or wanting to replace old faulty systems – a hot water system is often a high priority on the list.

In Perth, we take our beautiful, hot weather for granted, and we love our beautiful, hot water, too.

When the hot water goes, and you’re left shivering and vulnerable – it’s a sure time to fork out the big bucks on replacing your hot water system, right? Not always!

Read more from plumbers and Perth blocked drain professionals at Fremantle Plumbing for our guide to hot water systems.

Choosing the right hot water system for you

There are two types of hot water systems generally seen in Perth households:

These are relatively cheap to buy and easy to install. Yet, these aren’t always the best hot water systems due to how expensive they can be to run continuously.

You’ll see in our last blog, the benefits of gas storage hot water systems, and why your Perth plumber at Fremantle Plumbing encourage them.

Gas or electric? Is solar power suitable on my property? Should I get a tank or go tankless? These are points to consider and bring up with a Perth plumber.

Hot water system installation in Perth

There’s three main things to consider when choosing a hot water system:

  1. Tank capacity – is it enough for your family and can it fit on your property?
  2. Energy Star ratings, and
  3. Installation and running costs.

Fremantle Plumbing, with our free quote and 24/7 availability will ensure you get a tailored plumbing service and hot water system that’s right from you.

With our hot water system product expertise and knowledge, to installation, repair and maintenance – hot, steamy showers, sparkling clean dishes and superbly cleaned laundry is all possible again!

Fremantle Plumbing is also your Perth blocked drain plumber

What’s often on par with the frustration of hot water systems not working anymore? The frustration of blocked drains!

Thankfully, Fremantle Plumbing don’t just offer hot water system install and repair, we’re here for all your blocked drain repairs in Perth too.

From Foreign objects, roots, grease, to hair, we don’t care how it got there, we care about repair!

Fremantle Plumbing will send out a professional and efficient Perth plumber to fix your blocked drains in Perth, to bring back a stress-free shower, likeable laundry and creative kitchen time.

Affordability and efficiency to household space and hot water requirements, there’s much to think about when it comes to hot water systems in Perth.

Your Perth blocked drain plumber hopes this guide has helped you consider the best hot water system for you. Now it’s time to maintain that good cosy hot-water feeling and get warmed up this winter with a hot water system installation and repair from Fremantle Plumbing.

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