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Hot Water Systems – Replace or Service?

It’s no secret that having hot water in our homes or business premises is extremely important however it’s not uncommon that a hot water system is taken for granted. Many homeowners or business owners treat a hot water system as a set and forget item, its only when they break or stop working that we think about them and want it fixed immediately.

Repair, not replace your hot water system

It’s quite common that when your hot water system stops working that Western Australian’s immediately start calling for a replacement quote. However, there are many circumstances where your hot water system simply needs some repairs and does not require replacing completely. By repairing your hot water system, you are saving a considerable amount of money as replacing them can be an expensive exercise.

By repairing your hot water system you are also looking out for the environment, if you are replacing a whole hot water system unit that means the old unit needs to be disposed of and not all parts of the old system are recyclable.

Choose a reputable Plumber in Perth that will provide expert knowledge on your hot water system and give you an insight into whether it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Should I Replace or Service My Hot Water System?

Hot water systems unfortunately have a finite life and one day they will stop working efficiently and effectively. It’s important that you are aware of some main points to consider before committing to replacing your hot water system.

  1. How old is my hot water system? – It’s important to note that a hot water system is not required to be replaced just because the warranty has run out. A standard hot water system should last 10 years however if your system has reached 20 years you should consider a replacement. The quality of the brand of hot water system will also affect the life expectancy, the more reputable the brand the better the system.
  2. When I turn the hot water on it isn’t hot anymore – Inconsistencies in your hot water is a sign that it could be time to replace your hot water system in your home or business. However, you should get a plumber to check the thermostat or heating element first, a simple repair to either of these could solve your issue and save you money.
  3. My Hot Water System Makes Odd Noises – If there is pipe damage to your hot water system then you may hear strange noises. This is quite a common problem in older hot water systems and can be put down to a fault in the relief valve. These valves are not tested frequently and will last a couple of years before starting to have faults, a repair to the valve would be a cheaper and more efficient alternative than replacing the entire hot water system.

Choose an Experienced Perth Plumber

Whether you are looking to replace or repair your hot water system it is extremely important that you choose a qualified and experienced Perth Plumber to assist you. A good plumber will provide you the knowledge, skills and ability to correctly identify the issue which will save you money and time.

If you are tired of choosing the wrong plumber or are looking for a trusted name in Perth get in touch with our reliable team at Fremantle Plumbing today and feel tired no more.

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