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Why You Shouldn’t Rely on DIY Drain Cleaning Online for Blocked Drains

The DIY movement gives many people a sense of pride in their home. After all, who isn’t proud of saying they’ve completed a job well …if they have that is. 

Yes, DIY definitely has its place in and around the home, however when it comes to jobs that are usually completed by expertly trained professionals, such as when it comes to blocked drains Perth, DIY isn’t always the answer. 

Drain cleaning is the first point of call for many homeowners, but it shouldn’t be relied upon on its own (if at all) for clearing the blocked drains of Perth. 

Want to know why? Read more from the Perth blocked drains specialists at Fremantle Plumbing to find out. 


You’re not entirely sure what’s causing the blockage 

Many people clean their drains when they notice a drain’s (be it shower, laundry or kitchen sink) reduced capacity to remove water. 

There’s so many possibilities behind the blocked drains in Perth.  

Let’s see what the issue could be: 

  • Hair (a common culprit), 
  • Sanitary items, 
  • Grease and cooking oils, even 
  • Tree roots and other natural debris. 

While a drain cleaner may dissolve and solve your Perth blocked drains, you’ll never know what it was and might not be able to prevent it from reoccurring in the future. 


Drain cleaners could make the issue worse 

Going back to reason number 1, using a drain cleaner means you never know what the issue was. 

A band-aid solution, so to speak, using drain cleaner without the diagnostic tools that a Perth plumber could provide, will leave you in the dark. 

Perth plumber will have the tools to identify, solve and the expertise to give you strategies to prevent from blocked drains in the future. 


Things could get messy 

A Fremantle plumber is well-equipped to deal with the nastiness of plumbing systems. Are you? 

Using a drain cleaner and attempting DIY at-home plumbing solutions could unearth some pretty gross smells and causes. It’s truly best to leave it to the blocked drains Perth specialists. 


Potentially dangerous and damaging 

Professional Perth plumbers are expertly trained to handle plumbing equipment and drain cleaning chemicals. Many drain cleaning chemicals out there utilise high concentrations of sulphuric acid or hydrochloric acid which proves dangerous if it comes in contact with skin. 

Also, inadequate drain unblocking methods could damage parts or your entire pipes, drains and plumbing systems. 

Not confident in handling these drain cleaning products? The safe call is contacting a Perth plumber and blocked drains specialist to do so. 


The blocked drains Perth specialists are Fremantle Plumbing 

Fremantle Plumbing have the professional answers to your blocked drains in Perth. 

We’ve been the blocked drain experts the people of Perth have relied upon since 1952, so you can rest assured that calling us is the safe, smart and right choice. 

For all your residential and commercial, construction and civil plumbing and gas needs – Fremantle Plumbing are here. 


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