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Trade Waste and Site Plumbing Hydraulics

Trade Waste and Site Plumbing Hydraulics

Running with Thieves Brewery

Fremantle Plumbing Service was approached to install and complete a trade waste system, sewer and water services for the Running with Thieves Brewery. Due to the covid pandemic the brewery needed to start production of hand sanitiser immediately.


Running with Thieves Brewery, South Fremantle

7 days


  • Excavate and install 1 x 2000L Halgan grease arrestor, 2 x 2000L Halgan silt arrestors,
  • Install 40m x 110HDPE trade waste drainage, 40m x 100DWV Sewer,
  • Install of water corp approved flow meter in serviceable pit,
  • Locate sewer mains and cut in new junction, reflux valve and connect to drainage services,
  • Install of water supply,
  • Install of storm water soak wells and channel drains.


Installation of the trade waste posed a number of challenges; excavation depth of 3.9m, close proximity to existing building foundations and close proximity to water table to name a few.

The trade waste system was first relocated away from the building to avoid any possible impact to the footing foundations while also maintaining Water Corporation compliance. Installation required the use of trench shoring boxes to manage the site safely while works was progressing.

Excavation positioned the Halgan MGTS tanks just above the water table, as a precaution to avoid the trade waste tanks sinking into the soft beach sand, a layer of geo textile cloth was placed around the blue metal backfill material to also assist with compaction of the site.

Special approval was granted by the Water Corporation and Halgan for all the tank risers to extend beyond the approved 900mm.

The Seimens mag flow meter was installed and commissioned inside a concrete service pit equipped with a service ladder and the sewer junction was cut in and connected. An additional 1800 x 1800 concrete soak well was installed interconnecting with the remaining system with a concrete spoon drain installed in front of the pedestrian and warehouse doorways.

The Site was backfilled and compacted with the Halgan Grease Arrestor and Silt Trap Lids installed on a formed concrete slab ready for bitumen. Machinery and trench shoring boxes were demobilised within 7 days from mobilising to site.

“Over the course of 7 days an estimated 400+ m3 of earth was excavated, then backfilled and a total of 160m of drainage and water services installed with the production of the Brewery beginning ahead of schedule.”

Special thanks to my team for the long days working well into the night to meet the deadline along with keeping up with our current workload. Our suppliers, Reece Plumbing Fremantle, Miniquip and Ground Support Systems for providing the required materials and equipment on such short notice.