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Your Toilet Troubleshooting Guide

Toilets serve us so well and seamlessly. Until, they, well don’t!

Want to know the common causes and fixes for the most common toilet troubles?

Read more from Fremantle Plumbing to find out.

Blocked toilet bowls

Did you know a blocked toilet bowl is the most common reason for blocked residential and commercial toilets? A simple toilet paper build-up could be to blame at the toilet’s base, or perhaps something more surprising, stuck down the line.

What else will block your toilet bowl?

  • Miscellaneous items flushed down the toilet accidentally (or on purpose) by children, pets or adults.
  • Human waste – we don’t need to explain that one.

The solution? Stop flushing! For now, anyway. This will only force the item further down and may lead to bigger problems (aka clogging drains throughout your entire home or business).

If you suspect toilet paper or human waste is to blame, simply unclog the blockage yourself with the faithful plunger. Find yourself with an unknown and stubborn toilet blockage? It’s time to call a plumber!

Backed up, slow draining toilets

Overflowing cash or an overflowing fountain of chocolate are good types of overflows. An overflowing toilet is by no means good in the slightest.

If you see water backing up after you flush the toilet, it shows there’s a blockage somewhere down the line. You can use a plunger and hopefully the issue will clear. If not, you might have a blockage in your mainline.

Follow these steps to find out:

  • Turn on the tap on the sink nearest the toilet. Let it run for 1 to 2 minutes. If the water in your toilet bubbles and/or rises, it’s a mainline blockage.
  • Do a load of laundry, if the toilet backs up or overflows (including at any other drains), it’s definitely a mainline blockage.

The above didn’t occur when you tried them? Fortunately, you have merely a simple blockage.

If the above did occur, make calling a blocked drains plumber your next step.

Bad sewerage smells and/or strange noises

Are you finding a lingering bad smell coming from your toilet even after thorough cleaning and disinfecting? Do strange gurgling sounds occur after you flush?

Foul smells and strange sounds point towards blockages.

What are they caused by?

  • The accumulation of dirt and grime, toilet paper and organic human matter that can decompose and rise straight back up and out of the toilet.
  • A faulty or ill-maintained P trap. These work to prevent gases escaping from the sewer line, but when not working properly, methane, carbon dioxide and other gases may drift out.
  • A deteriorating toilet ring that is compromising the once airtight seal that holds the toilet to the floor.

If you’re not keen on a little DIY (easy-fix solutions only) then call a professional Perth plumber to clear the air and quieten the noises.

Fremantle Plumbing will cure the troubles with your toilet

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