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Water Saving Ideas and Tips For Your Perth Home

Water Saving Ideas and Tips For Your Perth Home

Saving water is important and Perth households should take steps to try and conserve as much water as they can. By conserving water, you minimise the effects of drought and water shortages as well as saving energy which is good for the environment. Not only does the environment benefit but you also save money by reducing your water and energy bills.

Below are some ideas and tips that Perth residents can start doing to conserve water.

  1. Fix dripping taps – Everyone has had a dripping tap at some stage and these faulty taps can end up wasting a large amount of water over time if they are not looked at. Installing new tap washers is usually the quickest and most affordable fix.
  2. Fix leaking toilets – Like the dripping taps, a leaking toilet can also waste considerable amounts of water and should be fixed immediately. The earlier you detect the problem and fix it the better.
  3. AAA rated shower head – AAA-rated shower heads are an ideal choice when looking to save on energy and water. They are inexpensive but are extremely effective when looking to conserve water. There are many ranges available that have different water flow options.
  4. Install Flow Restrictors – Another effective way to conserve water, a flow restrictor is placed either inside the tap or on a tap which then reduces water flow. This acts as a similar device as a water saving shower head and is most effective in areas where taps are used frequently – such as the kitchen.
  5. Using Efficient Appliances – It is no secret that older appliances are less energy efficient and thus have a lot of water wastage. The newer dishwashers and washing machines now come with their own rating system that shows how effective they are at saving energy. If you are looking to replace one of your appliances it is important to look into purchasing a machine that uses as little energy and water as possible.
  6. Lower Home Water Usage – This is the simplest yet most effective ways of saving water and reducing your bill the only trick is to break some old habits. For example, lowering the amount of time spent in a shower by a few minutes per day could end up helping drastically.

By following some of these simple ideas and tips you could reduce your water usage by a considerable amount. If you are looking for a reliable plumber to give you advise on water saving appliances, products or would like your dripping tap or leaking toilet fixed give Fremantle Plumbing a call today.

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