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7 different types of taps what’s best for you?

Tapware in homes and businesses are more than just a functional necessity, they’re a style statement.

The various colours, shapes and styles of tapware shouldn’t confuse or frustrate you.

Today, your local Fremantle Plumbers are here to help you discover some of the highly regarded and utilised tapware available on the market.

Read more from Fremantle Plumbing to discover the 7 favourites in taps and find out what one is best for you.

  1. The mixer tap

Mixer taps are adored in new, modern and renovated homes. They’re essentially a single tap that comes with two handles – one for hot water and the other for cold.

Mixer taps are akin to pillar taps (more on them later), however, they’re an all-in-one alternative. Whatever temperature water you choose will flow through the one nozzle.

  • The pillar tap

Pillar taps are regarded as the traditional choice for taps but are still versatile in design and common throughout Australian households and businesses.

When you think of standardised ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ taps, you are picturing the pillar tap in your mind.

  • The monobloc tap

While the word ‘monobloc’ is unlikely to ring a bell, you’ve likely come across a monobloc tap once, twice or multiple times in other people’s bathrooms.

The monobloc tap is quite similar to the mixer tap, yet instead of two handles, there is only one.

Generally, you turn the handle to the left for hot water, and to the right for cold.

  • The disc tap

Available in the same style as a monobloc tap, the disc tap comes with ceramic discs with holes.

This design lets water through when the handle is properly aligned and is well regarded as the easy tap option to turn the water on full blast.

  • The ball tap

The ball tap gets its name from containing a hollow ball inside it.

When the handle is moved, the ball does too, and this controls the mix of the hot and cold water, including how quickly it comes out, too.

While ball taps are easy to use and control, they are susceptible to leakages.

  • The washer tap

What is similar to a pillar tap, the washer tap operates with a twisting handle.

The washer inside controls the amount of water that flows out.

  • The cartridge tap

This tap type blends features here and there of the above taps. However, its the main feature is its external cartridge that controls the water’s release. Moving the handles left and right controls the water temperature, whilst moving up and down-regulates the strength and flow of the water.

The tap choice is yours

The team at Fremantle Plumbing hope this tap guide has enlightened you to the different styles and taps and their capacities available. Many of the above come in different colours to suit your home or business’ interior design.

When you need installation, repairs or replacement of taps – you can count on your local Fremantle Plumber for the right service at the right price.

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