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Why You Should Not Try And Fix Plumbing Issues Yourself

Do-it-yourself projects are great for arts and crafts and even flatpack furniture. With all the how-to guides available on the internet, why wouldn’t you want to take a shot at fixing your own household problems.

DIY for plumbing issues, though? Maybe you should think twice.

From experience and knowhow, to the specialised tools – Perth plumbers know a thing or two (but realistically a lot more), about plumbing issues and how to fix them.

Rather than a temporary fix, leaving plumbing issues to the professionals is actually a quicker and cost-effective solution that often lasts longer.

Read more from Fremantle Plumbing on why you shouldn’t try to fix plumbing issues yourself.

Identifying the (wrong) plumbing issue

DIY calls for the identification of the plumbing issue yourself.

Let’s say you find yourself with a jammed sink – that means your drain is clogged and in need of drain cleaner and plunger only, right?

Not always!

Identifying what you think is the problem and working based on just that, isn’t the best point of call.

There could me more hidden and pressing plumbing issues, those needing an urgent and professional Perth plumber. As a blocked drain plumber, Fremantle Plumbing know all things blocked drains Perth.

So, when the sink:

  • Keeps clogging after a plunge and clean,
  • Smells like sewerage, and/or
  • Starts spreading its issues to other drains in the house,

Turn to a blocked drain plumber and emergency plumber at Fremantle Plumbing. More than on the surface, a Perth plumber knows what to look for.

Don’t worry! It’s okay to ask for help to turn a problem and quick fix into a long-term plumbing solution.

Inadequate tools

Unfortunately, determination and a can-do attitude alone can only get us so far with plumbing issues.

Chances are, is you’re not a Perth blocked drain plumber, you’ll probably find yourself without a:

  • Blowtorch,
  • Adjustable pipe wrench,
  • Pipe bender, and
  • Telescopic tube cutter.

Specific (and expensive) tools are needed for the many plumbing jobs from a blocked drain to a cracked pipe.

Avoid the potential costs and hassle of an even greater job to fix, by calling a Perth plumber at first notice of something wrong.

Fremantle Plumbing ensure we not only have the determination and can-do attitude you too, possess, but the experience and tools to get your plumbing job complete quick and simple.

Plumber Perth Experts and Fremantle Plumbing

Completing a job by yourself is a proud moment, we get it!

However, peace of mind in a job you know was completed by a professional is far greater.

At Fremantle Plumbing, we:

  • Identify, diagnose and fix any and all plumbing issues,
  • Provide free quotes and are available 24/7, and
  • Are the trusted choice for blocked drain plumbers and emergency plumbers in Perth.

Rather than a temporary fix at surface level, Fremantle Plumbing will help you understand the extent of the plumbing problem, providing a thorough diagnosis and effective solution.

From blocked drains in Perth, to commercial plumbing and residential plumbing in Perth – no job is too big, small, or hard for Fremantle Plumbing.

Get back to lovely, hot and free-flowing water with a Perth plumber.

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