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Why You Should Never Solve Plumbing Problems By Yourself

It’s 2022. The dawn of the DIYers as we like to call it. With the endless amount of ‘how-to’ videos on the internet, DIY projects are an inevitable part of life these days. So is the rise of the ‘weekend DIY warriors.

From doing your own landscaping project in your backyard, building your own deck, to even re-painting your home; DIY is the trend that everyone has caught on to.

Of course, there are many things you can solve by yourself. However, when it comes to plumbing, you should never attempt any repairs on your own unless you have a trained eye and a skilled hand. We have seen it far too many times how a well-intended DIY plumbing project, quickly turned into an out-of-hand situation.

In fact, here are some reasons why you should always call an emergency plumber in Perth instead. As a plumber in Fremantle, we will know exactly what to do because this is where training and experience count most.


When you take matters into your own hands, you risk making an improper diagnosis


What would you do if the problem with your sink is spreading to other drains in the house? You might assume it’s just clogged, but there could be more pressing issues. This is a clear example of an improper diagnosis, and how this could spell disaster!

A band-aid solution can destroy the overall integrity of your plumbing system, and could be a costly affair down the road. We have personally received calls where we have had to fix a bad DIY job, done because the homeowner made a completely incorrect diagnosis. An honest Perth plumber who can give you an accurate diagnosis from the beginning and implement an effective solution. Ensuring the experience is cost-effective for you.


You don’t have the proper plumbing tools


The best way to fix your plumbing issues is by going straight to the professionals. It’s not just about having all of the specific tools, but you also need to know how they work and when you need them!

The chances are you don’t own a blowlamp, an adjustable pipe wrench, a pipe bender or a telescopic tube cutter. A quick trip down to Bunnings won’t solve anything either; numerous repairs will require special equipment.


Don’t hesitate for a second, to call us for your blocked drains in Perth, we are an emergency plumber based in Fremantle.

You can request a quote online or get in touch with us directly to discuss your emergency plumbing issue with our experienced team. For all of your gas and plumbing servicing needs, one of our friendly team will be in contact with you shortly as soon as you make contact. You can also review our blog series to see if your situation has been addressed through our educational articles.

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