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What You Need to Know About Replacing a Continuous Hot Water System with Gas Storage

Hot water is great for scrubbing ourselves (and our dishes and clothes), nice and squeaky clean.

There’s two basic types of water heaters in Australia:

  1. Continuous hot water systems, and
  2. Gas storage hot water systems.

Otherwise known as ‘tankless,’ instantaneous,’ or ‘on demand’ hot water systems, a gas continuous hot water system heats water as you use it. This is as opposed to heating water slowly and storing it as a hot water storage tank does.

But what’s the most cost and energy efficient water heater? And what else should you know about switching from continuous and instantaneous to storage, instead?

Read more from your trusted Plumber Perth professionals, Fremantle Plumbing to find out.

What do your Fremantle plumbers think about hot water systems?

Do you want the latest ‘tea’ on hot water systems from a Perth plumber?

Well, we think gas storage hot water systems are better value in Perth residential and commercial plumbing. Why?

  • They’re more energy efficient (look for the 4- and 5-star models),
  • They’re better for the environment because of low greenhouse gas emissions, and
  • These gas heaters are quick and nifty, as the recovery rate (the time it takes to reheat a tank of water), is much faster than electric water heaters. A 170-litre tank of water can be heated in about an hour, which is great for a family of four (or more) with plenty of consistently hot, relaxing shower time.

While instantaneous gas water tanks take up less space because no tank is needed, they don’t always save on money and energy efficiency.

You heard it from your Perth plumber first! 

When hot water goes cold

Find yourself with an undersized hot water system that’s old, faulty or perhaps fallen off the wall, too?

Sometimes it’s not as simple as replacing your existing continuous hot water system with a bigger and better model.

This is where a new solution lies: A gas storage hot water system installed by a trusty Fremantle plumber.

Gas storage may prove to be:

  • A cheaper alternative
  • A more beneficial option that makes sense (depending on the gas meter location on site).

An expert Fremantle Plumber will get you back to free-flowing hot water that’s ready for you 24/7, just like we are, too.

Gas storage hot water systems with a Fremantle Plumbing expert

An environmentally friendly and energy efficient hot water system is possible wherever you live.

Your Plumber in Perth and Fremantle has over 60 years in providing residential and commercial plumbing in Perth from the small and easy, the complicated and challenging to hot water emergencies.

The Plumber Perth professionals can quote, install, repair and service the right hot water system for your home or business.

Talk to Fremantle Plumbing for more about replacing your hot water systems and choosing cost and energy efficient hot water storage.

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