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What Size Hot Water System Do I Need

It is crucial to choose the right hot-water system for your home.

The process of selecting the best hot-water system can seem overwhelming due to the large number of models and brands available. 

There are many factors to consider when deciding on the size of your Fremantle hot water system. 

These are the factors that will determine the size of your hot water system. 

  • How many people use your hot-water system? 
  • How many hot water outlets are you able to find in your home? 

These questions will allow you to make an informed decision about which hot water system is right for your household. The right size will save you time, money, and cold showers. 

Blocked drain experts, Fremantle Plumbing, have put together this article to help homeowners make informed decisions and ensure consistent hot water and lower energy bills. 


Home Water Usage


The first step to choosing the right hot-water system for your home is to assess your household size to determine your hot water requirements. One person will typically use 50 litres of hot water per day. But it is most likely more hot water is used, especially if they shower longer or wash clothes in warm water. 

It can help narrow your search for the right hot water system by looking at how many people are living in your house and their current hot water usage. It is important to examine the peak periods and average hot water use for your household. 

It is important that you not only count those who live in your home but also consider the hot water needs of other visitors. 

Here are some scenarios to consider: 

  • Do all your grandkids have a shower after they swim every Sunday? 
  • What about your best friend’s daughter, who uses your outdoor bath after her surf session, so she doesn’t get all sandy and sticky? 

You should also consider the fact that hot water systems last an average of ten to ten more years. 


Home Size


You don’t have to use the bathroom for hot water outlets. You might also find hot water outlets in these other places: 

  • Kitchen sink 
  • Dishwasher 
  • Garden 
  • Garage
  • Laundry room 
  • Washing machine 

You should also consider how many are being run simultaneously. A larger hot water system will be required to provide hot water for large numbers of users simultaneously. You might find that the bedtime routine for your children is to bathe right after dinner. 


Hot Water Sizing: A Numbers-Game


Once you have determined how many people your hot-water system serves on average, you will be able to determine the size of the storage tank that is best suited for your needs. 

This indicates how much hot water is used on average each day, and the right size storage tank would be needed to store it. 


Number of People  Daily Hot Water in Litres  Size Of Storage Tank in Litres 
1-2  120  160-250 
3-4  200  250-330 
5+  300+  400+ 


This guideline will help you consider the different hot water systems that produce different amounts. If you are still confused, contact us, as Fremantle emergency plumbers, we are always here to help.  


Electric Hot Water System


Electric hot water systems can be more affordable than other systems. Due to the high cost of electricity, these systems are more expensive to run annually. A hot water system that uses peak electricity will be cheaper, but it will require a larger tank to heat the water. You may continue browsing if you want to reduce your electricity bills and be environmentally conscious. 

Off-Peak Rate  Peak Rate 
Number of persons  Capacity (litres)  Number of persons  Capacity (litres) 
1-3  160  1  25 
2-4  250  1-2  50 
3-6  315  2-3  80 
5-8  400  3-5  125 


Solar Hot Water Systems


These systems are more expensive than other systems, and installation is usually more costly than those with electric hot-water systems. To get the best out of these systems, they should face north. For a four-person family, you will need approximately 4 square metres of solar panel area and a minimum of 300 litres of tank. 

While solar hot water systems can be more affordable than electric or gas systems, you need to be mindful of your property. The location and angle of the panels are critical to generating enough energy. 


Number of persons  Hot water delivery (litres per day)  Approx. size of the tank (litres)  Collector (m2) 
1-2  120  180  2 
3-4  200  300 / p>  4 
5-6  300  440  6 


Gas Hot Water System


Hot water systems that use gas are generally more expensive to buy. The installation cost can be comparable to that of an electric system, depending on where they are located and the property. Installation costs will be lower if you already have natural gas connections in your home. Gas hot water systems are more efficient than instant gas. You’ll find energy efficiency ratings useful in helping you decide based on economic factors. Storage gas hot water systems can provide hot water even in a blackout. Instant gas systems may not be able to ignite and could go offline during a blackout. 


Storage  Continues Flow 
Number of persons  Capacity (litres)  Number of outlets served at one time  Flow rate (litres per minute) 
1-3  90  1  16 
2-4  130  2  20 
3-5  170  2-3  24 
4-6  200  3+  32 
5-9  260     


Storage Tank or Continuous Flow


Storage tanks are common and can be found in all types of hot water systems, including electric, solar, or gas. It’s worth inspecting your old hot water tank system for signs of corrosion. Low-quality steel tanks can develop severe corrosion over time. It is a smart idea to have your tank checked by a professional emergency plumber Perth like us at Fremantle Plumbing to prevent any contamination. 

Continuous flow, also known as an instantaneous heat system, heats water at the right temperature whenever it is needed. Although it is instantaneous, it can take some time for the system to start working. There are two types of continuous flow hot water heaters: gas or electric. Gas is the most common. They are very efficient because there is no water in a tank. To determine the flow rate and size of hot water in your home, you will need to know how many outlets are available. 


We Can Help!  


Before you purchase a hot-water heater, make sure to assess your water consumption and determine the right size system for your household. Why not save yourself the hassle and ask Fremantle Plumbing’s blocked drain experts for help? 

You can either choose a hot water heater system according to how much hot water your household uses, or you can save money and purchase a smaller heater. 

It can be challenging to find the right Fremantle hot water system for your household. Before making any decisions, it is best to speak with a hot water specialist. Fremantle Plumbing can offer a quote or professional plumbing advice. 

If you are unsure about the size of the hot water system in Fremantle that you require, we can help. 


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