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What renters need to know about household plumbing? 

As renters you have the right to a home that is habitable. But it is also your responsibility to maintain a clean and tidy home. 


It is best to avoid moving into a property with apparent plumbing problems, such as blocked drains. While it is not always possible to avoid, there are certain signs you can look out for when inspecting a property.  


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Inspect pipes and hoses 


Make sure you test all the taps, both hot and cold. Also make sure that the water flow is not disrupted. If the tap is not turning off, check for leaks. It is important to pay attention to drainage. Slow draining sinks require further investigation. Sometimes it’s an easy fix. Other times, there might be more serious blocked drain issues. If your shower drain backs up after a tap is turned on, it is best to eliminate the property. It is important to ensure that toilets flush correctly and are properly refilled.  


Although many of these issues are minor, they will require professional repairs. Renters who have been renting for a while know will it is easier to arrange repairs for blocked drain issues, before moving in, especially if the repairs are expensive. 


It is a good idea do a quick inspection of the house before you move in if you are unable to inspect it fully beforehand. You can then document the problems and bring up any issues that may have occurred before you moved in. 


Renting is not without its quirks. All maintenance on the property falls under the landlord’s control. This has its advantages, such as not having to pay out of pocket for a team 24-hour plumber, but it also limits the work that you can do on your own. 


But renting a house is not an excuse for not knowing these plumbing tips! 


Locate the shutoff valves 


It is a good idea find the location of the main shutoff valve as soon as possible. Most houses have the main shutoff valve located close to the street, where water mains are. If it isn’t there, make sure to check near your hot-water system. Once you’ve found the right valve to use, cutting water is simple – it’s just another faucet! 


If you suspect a leak or any other water issue, you will first need to turn off the water supply. 


Most water-using fixtures have shutoff valves. Turn them around and you can stop water from flowing to the fixture, without cutting off your home’s supply of water! There will be several valves throughout your rented property that regulate the flow of water. It is crucial that you are familiar with the locations of all valves. You can look under sinks, and around water supply tubes. 



Invest in a strainer (You’ll thank us later) 


Kitchen sinks act as magnets to blockage in pipes Why? Too many people let everything go down the drain, from grease, grime and soap and scrapes. Given the amount of waste that goes into the kitchen sink, is it any surprise that these fixtures are the most problematic in the house when it comes to water fixtures? 


To prevent your home’s drains from becoming clogged, you should purchase a strainer. Strainers or drainers can filter out any sediment that may be entering your pipes and protect your drain. 


The best thing about them is that they are inexpensive – you can protect your kitchen sink from clogging for as little as a few dollars. This is a simple act that can have a huge impact on the plumbing system in your home. 



Hot water temperature  


It is frustrating to have a hot water heater that doesn’t work. 


These are some common hot water issues: 

  • Too hot water 
  • There is no hot water! 
  • Low water pressure 
  • Hot water running out faster than usual 
  • Water that is brown or rusty 


These simple signs, although they are mostly harmless, indicate that your hot water heater needs to be checked. 



Inform your landlord about any problems you are having. It is their responsibility to inspect and fix these issues! 


It is important to be clear about your obligations as a renter, especially regarding Perth emergency plumbing situations. If your pipes burst during business hours, you should not wait to hear from the property manager. Be sure to ask about their preferred after-hours repairs, including for plumbing repairs. Owners are responsible for repairs and maintenance, but renters can be held accountable if there is a problem. You will be able to manage any circumstances that might arise by knowing the details beforehand. 


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You may not own your house, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore its plumbing. 


A good tenant is someone who takes care of your rental property as if it were your own. This includes basic plumbing knowledge and good habits. 


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