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What Does A Gas Fitter Do?

Almost every home in Perth uses gas in some form. Whether its used for cooking or heating having gas for your home is essential for you and your family’s comfort. The issue with gas is that it is highly flammable and avoiding any gas leaks is essential.

When it comes to any gas work it is important that it is handled by a licensed contractor. It is important that you use a qualified, professional gas fitter to handle any gas related work at your home. Gas work of any kind is illegal without a proper license.

A gas fitter is a licensed individual who installs and services natural appliances and fixtures in residential or commercial areas. Installing appliances and fixtures is a main role of a gas fitter and they would handle the installation of gas meters, regulators, burners, and valves. Alongside these installations a gas fitter will also repair and maintain similar appliances or equipment, this is extremely important as to avoid leaks and future damages that could incur large costs down the track if not properly serviced.

Duties of A Gas Fitter

A qualified gas fitter can operate and complete a large range of tasks in the industrial, commercial, and residential sector. The list below outlines a large array of tasks that a gas fitter performs frequently.

  • Gas pipe installation
  • Testing of pipes required for gas appliances
  • Installation of any appliance using gas
  • Understand specifications and plans for certain projects
  • Provide in-depth knowledge to customers on how to maintain their gas appliances
  • Install flues for various gas appliances
  • For Caravans and Boats the installation of LPG systems

Plumber and Gas Fitter Perth

It is quite common that your local plumber is a specialist in not only plumbing services but is also licensed to do gas work. A skilled plumbing contractor can do additional training so that they can become a gas fitter.

Although there are many licensed plumber and gas fitters, there are some plumbers that are unqualified that perform gas work which is incredibly dangerous. If a mistake is performed by these unlicensed gas fitters there could be grave consequences, especially if you are running a business.

This makes it extremely important that you choose the right gas fitter that is licensed and well trained to perform the tasks you require.

Choosing the Right Gas Fitter Perth

The most important factor in choosing the right Gas Fitter in Perth whether it is for a residential or commercial job is their qualifications.  A professional and qualified gas fitter will have the correct documentation and license numbers.

Checking online reviews is an important step to take before deciding on your Gas Fitter. Whether you use Google or Facebook or a combination of both, a reputable Gas Fitter will have positive reviews from past clients.

Response and availability is a huge factor when determining which gas fitter in Perth you will decide on using. It is important that whoever you choose has a good response time and availability as a gas problem is an emergency and needs to be solved quickly.

So if you are looking for a fully licensed gas fitter that is reliable and available 24/7 for emergency work then get in touch with us at Fremantle Plumbing. We have been servicing Perth since 1952 and our team is highly skilled and experienced.

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