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Tips to get your business summer ready

Just like every season brings its own charm, it also calls for the necessity to take some extra measures to prevent certain problems from occurring.

When it comes to an office, these may include drainage issues, roof damage, damaged heating systems, broken blinds, dysfunctional dispensers, etc.  Every season requires precautionate measures, with summer always calling for some nuanced measures.  

In this article, we are exploring the best ways to get your business summer ready, from a plumber in Perth’s perspective. 


Clogged drains

Be it your house, office, or any other place a good drainage system is immensely important.  It’s always better to get the gutters cleaned beforehand to avoid future mishaps! A little tip that might benefit you in the long run, make sure you keep the contact of the blocked toiled plumber in case you ever face an emergency. You can read our lengthy article titled, 5 Things You Can Do To Prevent a Blocked Drain to get a stronger grasp on this. 


Sewage odours

No one likes the stench of sewers. In summer, that stench can travel faster. Sewage odours might make people avoid your workplace, and could impact your business. Make sure you keep a look out for dry pipes as they are the main cause of sewage odours.


Broken or damaged pipes

If your office is located in a commercial building, the piping system is something you might want to keep a check on. The water pressure can cause the pipes to break and this can result in serious complications. Therefore, it’s better to get them fixed at the initial stage. You can read our lengthy article titled, Why is preventive maintenance so important? In this article we explore how it is invaluable to be proactive, rather than reactive.


Water leakage

Water leakage can occur anywhere in your toilet due to loose bolts, cracks, pipes, and valves not properly aligned. Want to avoid add-ons to your water bills? Make sure you keep a check for leakages.


Our final comments 

Among the problems mentioned above, the most common one in summer is clogged drainage pipes. The cause of this is the dry period during summer when there is little to no rainfall. This decreases water levels in the sewers and hence makes it hard for the waste to pass through. Another reason for blocked drains is that the plant roots grow in various directions in search of water on the dry land, this may also become the cause of your blocked drainage pipe. To avoid any emergency blockage, make sure you conduct regular inspections!


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You know what they say – prevention is better than cure. If you feel like your blocked drain is irreversible and is at the point where professional intervention is required, then get in touch with our emergency plumbers in Perth today. We are specialised blocked toilet plumbers who can get you out of your predicament promptly. Otherwise, you can explore our case studies here to get a feel for our work, and also browse our services. 

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