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Real Estate Agents: Does It Pay Off To Find The Right Plumber?

Are you a Perth real estate agent or property manager looking for a reliable and experienced plumber? If you aren’t, there are many reasons why partnering with one. A trusted plumber can prove stress-free, and efficient for your portfolio, and, ultimately your clients.

At Fremantle Plumbing, we have created a list of three ways that a trusted and reliable plumber can improve your reputation as a real estate agent and as a positive consequence, will make a considerable impact on your bottom-line.


#1 We locate issues in the property’s plumbing early, helping avoid large costs to the landlord down the road 


Save later, by identifying issues now. As the real estate agent in charge of the home’s maintenance, this is excellent news for you. When you know a reliable plumber in Perth who delivers on-time, and provides sound service; you will save landlords thousands of dollars in the long haul and improve your real estate agency’s reputation. 

An experienced plumber in Perth will do a complete job and assess any plumbing concerns in the home. They may discover some urgent issues to be dealt with immediately, such as corroded pipes that need replacing or old and ineffective fixtures leading to leaks and inefficient water flow. 


#2 You will know what you are paying for


As a real estate agent in Perth, you may often feel like you are constantly juggling the never-ending demands of property owners, and tenants. When it comes to managing landlords, they want their property to deliver a high return on investment. So therefore, the last thing they need is to pay large invoices to fix plumbing issues. Finding a competitive and fair plumber in their fee structure is imperative to keeping both landlords and tenants happy.

Our top tip is to look for a plumber in Perth who is transparent about their payment terms. It is a bonus if they have real estate agency-specific payment terms too. Be sure to ask for this when you are requesting your initial quote.


#3 At the end of the day, we add to your bottom-line by helping your clients sell houses 


If you’re a real estate agent in Perth trying to get the best price for your client’s home, it is incredibly wise to get an experienced plumber in Perth to inspect property before the home goes out to market. That way, you can avoid any nasty surprises that may arise in the building inspection closer to settlement date. There are also minor improvements to a home that can give it a facelift and dramatically improve its resale value. 


Fremantle Plumbing partners with real estate agencies across Perth, helping agents elevate their reputation for their landlords and tenants. Please get in touch to explore real estate and strata  partnership opportunities with a reliable plumber in Perth. We also have a property management and maintenance wing of the business, and are very nuanced in the Perth property management sector. Get a quote today.

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