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Plumbing Tips When Buying a New Home

Plumbing is one of the most important features to consider when buying a house.


You found the house you love. It is beautiful, within your budget, and in the perfect location. Fantastic!

Buying a home is a huge investment.

 It is common sense to inspect the property before you purchase it.

Buyers will usually inspect the title, property boundaries, and the actual property. However, there might be items that look good but may hide a defect.

So, have you checked the plumbing properly?


How Is the Plumbing Situation?


Pre-purchase building inspections do not give a full report of the plumbing and drainage system, only the sewer layout. The inspection does provide details about the plumbing condition inside and outside of the house.

Many customers have told Fremantle Plumbing that they did not check the plumbing condition of their houses before purchasing. They then found out months later, or sometimes in a matter of weeks, that there was a problem with the plumbing. It is a pain to have to tell customers that they must fix blocked drains in Perth and other problems that could have been avoided.

Blocked drains and faulty plumbing in Perth can lead to huge expenses and often occur at the worst time. It can also cause damage to your property, your home, and possibly your neighbours’ properties.

These are some things to consider before buying a home. This checklist will not take too long and can save you thousands in plumbing repairs later down the line.


Hot Water System


The hot-water system is one area you will need to inspect when it comes down to Perth plumbing. Check the hot water temperature in the bathroom or kitchen to make sure it is hot. You can also inspect the hot water system to determine its size and to check if it appears to be in good condition.

The last thing you want to happen is to spend hours moving furniture and other belongings into your new home, only to go take a refreshing shower and find that the hot water is not working properly or not at all.


Water Leaks


You should inspect the taps and underneath sinks for signs of water damage. It may be possible to track the water’s source. It is simple and cheap to fix a leaking tap, but it can cause bigger problems like damage to the vanity or deterioration of the floor.

Leakage can cause serious damage to the floor and subfloors. You should inspect the area around the toilet for any discoloration or warping. Also, check whether the floor can support your weight when you stand on it. You can also try to move the toilet bowl. It could indicate that the seal has been compromised, that the flange is loose, or that the bowl is not securely attached to the flange.


Be Aware of Any Noises


It is important to be attentive to strange sounds while testing your tap and sink. Water leakage areas should be inspected closely. Pay attention to bubbling and gurgling noises coming from the sink or toilet. 

Do you notice any whistling sounds, drips, or clanking coming from pipes? Is there a sound like water whooshing or banging in your pipes even though they are not being used? These might be signs of a problem in your water pipework. At this point, pipes could already be damaged or clogged.


Water Hammer


Water hammer can be described as the sound pipes make when water changes direction or stops suddenly after a tap is turned off. You can test to see if you have water hammer in your home by turning on the taps.

If you hear a loud clicking sound, it is best that you call a plumber.

Water hammer may occur for a variety of reasons. These could be pipes that have not been properly secured to stud walls or taps in need of replacement jumper fittings.

Water hammer, while annoying, can cause additional damage to pipework, fixtures, and appliances connected to water lines.


Examine the Water Quality and Flow


It is easy to check the quality of your Perth plumbing by turning on the tap. Allow the water to run at maximum pressure for a few seconds before turning it off. Keep an eye out for any unusual colour, odour, or flow. These are all indicators of how well the plumbing works.




The water should be free of impurities and clear. If the water appears murky, brownish, or has sediment in it, it could mean one of two possibilities: either the municipal water supply is having problems, or the pipes may be broken. If the former is the case, the only way to fix it is to replace the damaged or broken pipe. The discolouration of the pipes and the silt that they bring into the house are caused by cracked pipes.




Most water treatment plants across the country use chlorine as a disinfectant. To kill pathogens and make the water safe for drinking, chlorine is added in safe and controlled quantities. The water may smell slightly different when it is added. It is okay to have a hint of bleach or chlorine. However, the water shouldn’t be strong or offensive.

You should not ignore a foul-smelling odour that resembles rotten eggs. An unpleasant stench could be caused by a damaged vent or broken sewer line beneath your house. It can cause significant damage to the foundation and cost-intensive repairs.




Unless there are problems, water flow should not be uneven or slow. It should flow in a steady stream from the tap, and not just drip out. This can occur in older homes, especially if the pipes are older and not well maintained. Pipes can corrode, burst, or break over time. This can cause water to leak intermittently.


Trees and Grass Patches That Are Healthy


You can look at the garden and note the arrangement of the sewer pipes. Is there a healthy tree along the sewer line? This could indicate that tree roots have entered the sewer pipes and are getting a lot of water.

An external overflow could be causing healthy grass patches. You should inspect the lawn for any water spots or unpleasant odours.

If sewer pipes are under the street or in difficult-to-reach areas, it is even more crucial to check for blocked drains. In your Perth home. It will cost more to clear and fix them.


Fremantle Plumbing Can Assist You


It’s wise to conduct a thorough inspection of the plumbing of any home that you intend to buy. To ensure everything is working properly, you can hire a professional plumber. This will ensure that you have peace of mind and know that everything is in good order. 

Call our trusted licensed plumbers today to get a quote for your plumbing inspection services. We provide plumbing services throughout the Perth metro area. Contact Fremantle Plumbing today for a wide range gas and plumbing services.

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