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Plumbing Preparation for Perth’s Summer

Summer is well and truly here and that means some scorching days and struggling to keep cool is upon us. Long, drawn out heatwaves too, are a likely probability here in Perth.

Water is vital to our homes, gardens and our health as living, breathing beings.

While hot water problems in winter can cause frustration, plumbing problems during a Perth heatwave can be even more dire.

So, what plumbing preparations can be done at your home for a potential heatwave this summer?

Read more from the Perth plumber team at Fremantle Plumbing to find out.

The importance of water

Our cells, organs and tissues in our body require water to regulate our bodily temperature and maintain important functions. We lose water through sweat, digestion and breathing – and boy do we know how much we can sweat in summer.

The health risks associated with a lack of water:

  • Fatigue,
  • Headaches,
  • Urinary tract infections,
  • Kidney stones,
  • Cramps,
  • Digestive issues and
  • Stomach ulcers.

We’re not saying water will cure or prevent the above health problems from happening, but access to fresh water is vital to maintain optimum health and reduce the risk of these health issues.

Stay hydrated this summer and make sure you never go without water, with a comprehensive plumbing inspection from a Perth plumber.

A plumbing team and home inspections

Many of us take the health of our home plumbing systems for granted. After all, it’s out of sight, out of mind until you get a blocked drain, burst pipe or no running water.

Fortunately, you can nip this in the bud with a home plumbing inspection carried out by a professional plumber Perth company.

Here’s what we can detect and solve this summer:

  • Leak detecting and remedying,
  • Thorough functionality of taps,
  • Water pressure checks, and
  • Checking drains and sinks for blockages.

Did you know that Fremantle Plumbing are also the go-to plumbing specialists for everything septic tanks and liquid waste services in Perth?

For installation, maintenance and repair, and of course, plumbing emergencies – there’s one plumber Perth company you can consistently rely on for jobs great and small – Fremantle Plumbing. 

The Perth plumber to call for plumbing solutions

We all have a right to easy access of fresh water at our homes and businesses.

For the function of washing and cleaning inside, watering plants and lawns outside, and the quenching thirsts for ourselves, family and pets – water is crucial.

Why Fremantle Plumbing?

  • We’re the experts in residential, commercial, real estate and strata plumbing and gas fitting, along with construction and civil projects and fuel tanks,
  • We have the capacity and experience to handle all septic tanks and liquid waste services in Perth,
  • Our family-owned business has been proudly supporting and servicing the local community for over 60 years, and
  • We guarantee quality service at an affordable price.

Safeguard your home this summer from the effects of a potential heatwave with plumbing home inspections from Fremantle Plumbing.

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