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Is Your Water Usage Costing You Money?

Water is essential for survival. You cannot live without it. You know what you can live without? High water bills. 


Drip, drip, drip… Although the sound of leaking taps and pipes can be annoying, the real problem is the high-water consumption that results in a large water bill. Even more frustrating is the fact that leaks you don’t know about can account for 1/7th of the water consumed in a home. We’ll show you how water leaks and blocked drains in Perth can drain your budget and what to look out for. 


Every quarter, the water metre is read to determine how much water you use. Every drop of water counts. You must be careful with your water use to ensure that the bill does not skyrocket. 


Fremantle blocked drain experts, Fremantle Plumbing, have put together tips and recommendations to help you save money and water. Every drop count, and you only pay for what you use. So, use your water wisely. 


Shower heads and taps 


You can attach water saving devices to taps and shower heads. These devices reduce the flow of water from fixtures. They’re easy to install and are available at major hardware shops. 


Limit your shower time to five minutes. Showers that are shorter will require less water per minute. 




When you flush your toilet, don’t forget about how much water was used. Flush buttons have been designed to limit the amount of water going down the bowl. It is best to remember to use half the amount of water for liquid waste and the full amount for solid waste. You should inspect your toilet tank frequently for any signs of leakage or obstructions. 




One way to cut down on water usage in your bathroom and at home is to turn off the water supply when you brush your teeth. You should not leave the tap on if it isn’t being used. You may need to replace your washer if the faucet leaks. By fixing leaks and any blocked drains in Perth, you can reduce your water bill and save money on your plumbing over the long term. 




Dishwashers are more efficient than hand washing dishes and use less water. Running water is more expensive when washing dishes manually. It is better to make sure your appliances are fully stacked so that you can clean more dishes with one machine rather than using them multiple times. 




Reduce your water consumption in the kitchen by ensuring you install environmentally friendly appliances. Water-efficient fittings for taps will save water. If you must freeze food, place it in the fridge overnight. Defrosting under running water can cause you to waste hundreds of gallons per minute. 


The right-sized pots can reduce the need to use too much cooking water. And any leftover moisture can be used for the garden. 


Instead of buying a new cup each time, recycle water bottles. A smaller number of cups means less clean-up and less wasted water. 


Washing Machine 


Washing a full load of laundry should be the only thing you do with your washer. You can also save money by using cold water in your washing machine. Appliances with a 5-star energy rating are more energy-efficient and cost less. 




Water is essential for plants to thrive. However, constant watering of your garden with the garden hose can lead to a rise in your water bill. It is possible to save money and help the environment by keeping greywater separate and using it for gardening and other purposes. Greywater comes from sinks, washing machines, and bathtubs. While not the most nutritious, greywater is an alternative to cleaning your home and watering your plants. 


Water Storage Tank 


If you are looking to lower your water bills, installing the right hot water system will make a big difference. There are many options available, depending on the size and amount of water you use each day. The hot water tank’s location plays an important role in how the water travels to the shower or other fixtures. The water heater’s location can affect how much water you use. This gives water more time and space to travel through pipes. 


Unnoticed Leaks 


Hidden water leaks are a major cause of water wastage. Hidden water leaks can cause significant water wastage. 


Perth blocked drain experts, Fremantle Plumbing, can assist you in locating any hidden leakage using special equipment if you suspect that there is a problem with your pipework. 


Other suggestions for lowering your water bill 


Save any water that runs from your faucet by capturing it and storing it. Reuse cooking water for plants. 

Instead of running water, plug your sink and use it to rinse out any remaining soap. 

Bathe less and shower more. Showering uses way less water (if you are time-conscious and don’t stay too long). 


Plumbing Repairs 


Emergencies and plumbing problems can be costly to fix, so it is important to address small issues early. You can check your pipes for cracks and blocked drains in Fremantle, the walls for water damage, and the main valve for excessive usage to identify any potential issues. 


Save money on your water bill  


Fremantle Plumbing puts customer service first. Fremantle Plumbing will assist you with preventative maintenance throughout Perth to ensure that you don’t have to suffer from faulty plumbing or water emergencies. Call Fremantle Plumbing today. 


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