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Is Pipe Relining Worth it?

Have you recently experienced a blocked sewer in your home due to tree roots or burst pipes?


As a solution to your Perth plumbing problems, a plumber may suggest sewer lining or pipe replacement through drainage solutions.

Repairing pipes can be costly and messy. Broken, cracked, sagging, and damaged pipes can cause serious problems for your home and business.

Simply put, pipe relining is the process of creating a new pipe within an existing pipe. Fremantle Plumbing uses a two-part epoxy system that is pulled through the pipe to make a fibreglass shell that is indestructible by roots. These new pipe-lining systems are four times stronger than a new PVC pipe and are ideal for sewer pipe repairs.

The best option for repairing damaged and difficult pipes is pipe relining. It is considered a “no dig” solution that is less disruptive than any other pipe repair option. It’s quiet, fast and clean, which makes it the ideal service for Perth blocked drain clients who want a long-term solution that doesn’t disturb their home or gardens.


How Does Pipe Relining Work?


This is a simple plumbing procedure that can be done by skilled plumbers. The blocked drain plumber will send a CCTV camera down to inspect the Perth plumbing system and find any cracks, breakages or damage. Once the inspection is complete, the plumber will make the repairs.

The plumbing system and pipes must be cleaned thoroughly with a hydro-jetting machine before any repairs can begin. This will ensure that there is no debris, clogs, or grease blocking the pipes and drains. After debris has been removed, the pipes can be cleaned and prepared for sewer relining.

The length of the relining tube, a composite material known as GRP (Glass Reinforced Tube), is measured and then cut. The prepared length is then coated in epoxy resin. This will bind the repair pipes to the existing ones and provide extra strength.

After epoxy coating, the trenchless pipeline is installed and slid through the pipes to the affected sections with cables or winches.

Once the pipe is correctly placed, you can use compressed air to open the trenchless repair pipe and press the pipe against the original until it sets.

If the repair pipe must pass inspection openings or junctions, then these are removed when the resin bond is completely dry.

We line up everything using our in-drain camera. Then we inflate the bladder to ensure that the liner is sealed against the pipes. This creates a tougher pipe.

After everything has had time to cure, we inflate the bladder before pulling it out of the pipe. Now you have a sturdy, new pipe!

Finally, our CCTV In-Drain Camera ensures that everything works properly.


Fremantle Plumbing’s Pipe-Relining Service Is Highly Effective Because:




The entire process usually takes less than a day from start to finish.


No Digging


This trenchless technique to repair damaged pipes is more discreet.




This efficient method of repairing broken pipes will not cause any damage to your property, including your garden, driveway, or buildings.


No Stress


Out blocked drainage plumbers will provide you with peace of mind and expertly repair your pipes, saving you both time and money.




Pipe relining can be a great way of strengthening deteriorating pipes. It meets all industry standards and provides long-lasting results.


Factors Influencing Sewer Pipe Relining Prices


Now that you understand what sewer pipe repair is and how it works, you will need to know how much it will cost. These are some important factors that determine the cost of your pipe relining.


Sewer Pipe Layout


When it comes to trenchless repairs, the complexity of the work will depend on the area and the number of connections and angles.


The Extent of the Danger


The severity of the damage to your sewer pipes will determine the cost of your pipe repair. The plumber will examine your sewer pipes in detail to determine the extent of the damage and the necessary repair. The plumber can decide to repair or replace your sewer pipes depending on the extent of the damage.


Accessibility to affected areas


There is no massive digging required when relining sewer pipes. However, your plumber will still need to do a little digging to reach the pipes. Accessibility is what determines the cost estimates. You could be charged per metre for their services. The cost of relining sewer pipes that are easy to access will be lower. However, sewer pipe relining can be costly if the pipes are difficult to access.


Dimensions of Sewer Pipes


Pipe lining costs are affected by the size and shape of your sewer pipe. The fees you pay will depend on the length of the sewer line. A plumber who is skilled in sewer line repair can handle any size pipe. Trenchless pipe relining is cheaper than traditional pipe repair.

Relining costs are also affected by how large your sewer pipes are. The cost of relining is higher if there’s a large rim. Also, the cost of your sewer pipes is calculated by measuring their length and breadth. The cost of relining your sewer pipes is determined by the length and width of the pipe.


Conditions of Sewer Pipes


The cost of your relining project is also determined by the state of your sewer pipes. This is because the amount of damage to the sewer pipes will impact the labour costs and the type of relining method.

Before you fix an iron sewer line, descale your sewer pipe. It is one part of sewer pipe repair and can take between one and two hours. This additional task can result in additional expenses.


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