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How to prevent water damage to your home

Before modern innovation, identifying and resolving plumbing problems was more or less, entirely guesswork. This meant costly and disruptive excavation to merely have a look at what was causing problems underground.

Thankfully, with CCTV plumbing camera inspections, excavations are generally a thing of the past.

Want a sneak peek into the wonderful world of CCTV plumbing camera inspections, how they work and how they could benefit you?

Read more from the Perth blocked drain experts at Fremantle Plumbing to find out.

The ins and outs of CCTV plumbing camera inspections

Plumbing cameras are purpose-built and very small, used by plumbers to inspect the inside of plumbing pipes, including sewer and stormwater drainpipes.

Not all plumbers invest in CCTV drain camera technology, so it’s important to hire a plumber who does, like Fremantle Plumbing.

How does it work?

  • You identify a plumbing problem and call a plumber.
  • Once we arrive, we will determine the best access point to insert their special drain camera into using a flexible rod.
  • This camera will transmit high-resolution, real-time video footage back to a monitor where the plumber can expertly assess the problem.
  • From the video evidence, your plumber will communicate with you your options, recommending the best solution.

For example, a blocked drain would benefit from high-pressure drain jet clearing, and a partially damaged or completely collapsed pipeline would warrant partial or full excavation.

Different cameras for different cases

Professional plumbing cameras come in different sizes, suited for different applications.

For instance, there’s sewer inspection cameras which can determine:

  • Blockages and clogging,
  • Cracked and damaged pipes.

As main sewer lines are underground, the earth and soil can gradually shift which can lead to sagging or collapsed sewer pipes.

Stormwater drains are susceptible to similar issues due to their underground location. However, your plumber will be looking more for blocked stormwater drain causes such as tree roots, garden waste, leaves and stormwater pollution.

The benefits of a CCTV plumbing camera inspection

CCTV camera inspections by a suitably qualified plumber come with a range of benefits.

So, what are they?

  • Minimised trial and error (that was and still can be present with excavation) which equates to reduction in property damage and overall costs.
  • Diagnosis of your plumbing problem(s) is simplified, accurate and requires little to no down time.

Buying a house? Consider organising a CCTV pipe inspection for the property’s sewer and stormwater lines before purchase.

Why? Because full replacement of a stormwater or sewer system can be costly, especially if you’re none the wiser. Be smart and know what you’re getting into, instead of getting yourself stuck in the deep end.

Trust in the blocked drain experts

For over 60 years, the people of Perth have relied on the plumbing services of Fremantle Plumbing to fix their blocked drains.

We invest in the latest technologies to ensure our clients get value for money and a long-term remedy to blocked drains, not a temporary fix.

Need a professional and reliable plumber? Contact Fremantle Plumbing today for innovative plumbing services to maintain healthy pipes and drains.

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