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Are Landlords or Tenants Responsible for Plumbing Maintenance and Repairs?

Generally speaking, the landlord of a property must ensure a property is safe, habitable and in working order while it is being tenanted.

However, time and time again, plumbing maintenance and repairs have been a point of contention between landlords, tenants and their property managers.

Let a team of professional Perth plumbers run you through and settle this concern once and for all.

Are landlords or tenants responsible for plumbing maintenance?

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Landlord or tenant – who’s problem, is it?

As earlier mentioned, the landlord takes full responsibility for ensuring that their rental property is safe and, in a state suitable for tenants. Yet, as soon as a tenant signs an agreement and moves in, the responsibility for the property’s maintenance is now shared.

What is a Residential Tenancy Agreement?

  • This is where both parties responsibilities for issues that may arise during tenancy are recorded,
  • As well as each parties right’s laid out and understood.

It’s the tenant’s responsibility to take good care of the property during tenancy and maintain its functionality. This includes preventing issues from arising, like keeping on top of cleaning and not flushing things that shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet.


What to do in emergency plumbing situations?

If you’re a tenant and an emergency plumbing situation arises, contact your landlord or property manager.

However, be mindful that if either party calls a plumber and the Perth plumber concludes that the issue is caused by tenant negligence, it is then up to the tenant to pay for the repairs.


What is and isn’t an emergency plumbing problem?

So, what is a plumbing problem that must be tended to on the day and what is something that can wait the following day to be rectified? Let a Perth plumber show you.

Emergency plumbing repairs:

  • A burst water service (or one with extensive leaking),
  • A gas leak,
  • A serious roof leak,
  • Broken water heater,
  • Broken or blocked toilet systems,
  • Burst water pipes, and
  • Serious storm, fire or other damage.

On the other hand, a leaking tap is something that doesn’t need to be attended to on the day.


Plumbing maintenance vs repair

Landlords are often responsible for maintaining a rental property’s structural aspects like roof, foundations and walls, but not decorative aspects like carpeting.

Tenants, as we’ve discussed, are responsible for keeping the rental property clean and cared for.

Maintenance (including that of plumbing) is seen as wear and tear, repairs revolve around a fitting or fixture that’s broken, damaged and needs prompt fixing.


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