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A Quick Guide to Toilet Plumbing Installation

Through the lifespan of your toilet, you will probably need to replace it a few times.

The reasons for this can vary. It can be due to your current model being old and less efficient than you would like it to be. It can also be because you are forced to replace a toilet due to having your toilet break due to its age. Regardless, a toilet plumbing installation is something that will be your reality in the fullness of time. 

If you have never endeavoured to install a toilet before, then it is a smart idea to do your research ahead of time. It is going to be crucial to have access to the necessary tools and you want to make sure that you follow all of the proper steps. Here is our quick guide to get you started: 

Be equipped with the necessary tools

Before taking any steps forward, you will need to collect all of the necessary tools to get the job done. Check to ensure that you are equipped with a hammer, hacksaw, drill, box spanner, spirit level, tape measure, and a bucket. Be sure to have a pencil handy as well to use for marking and some towels in case you need to clean up a mess. 


Remove the old toilet

Now onto the main event. You need to remove the old toilet before replacing it with a new one. At this stage, you want to ensure you have turned the water off before you do anything else. Then you will need to remove the bolts that are connecting the toilet to the floor. Once complete, carefully disconnect the toilet and the cistern from the piping and water structure. Removing an old toilet should not be difficult, however, you should exercise precaution  not to accidentally damage any piping. 


Measure everything up, and then add the wax ring to the floor

Now you’ll need to look at the space, and take the measurements for where you are placing your new toilet. Ensure that everything is going to fit and then make marking where it is necessary. Top tip – adding a wax ring to the floor is imperative before you connect the toilet.


Connect the toilet and secure it to the floor

Now, onto the toilet plumbing installation. You will need to connect the toilet and secure it to the floor. You will need to remove the soil pipe cover in order to install the toilet. Once this is set, you will drill holes and screw bolts into the floor. Don’t worry, most toilets will likely come with instructions, and different toilet designs will have different requirements and different ways that things fit together. 


Install the cistern tank and connect the water

Now it’s time for the final step – installing the cistern tank. There are many different types of cistern tanks that you can use. Your cistern should come with all of the necessary connections, a seal, and any screws or bolts that you need. Just follow the instructions, and have your new toilet complete!


Are you ready to leave this to the experts? Consider hiring a plumber in Perth!

If all of this overwhelms you, consider hiring a plumber to ensure the complex and time-consuming elements are handled by the pros. We know that this takes a lot of work, and can feel stressful for an untrained person. Speak to our team about residential plumbing services today, and view our case studies to gauge our work style. 

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