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5 Things You Can Do To Prevent a Blocked Drain

Are blocked drains in your Perth home giving you woes?

You aren’t alone. In fact, we get calls nearly every day regarding blocked drains in Perth. At Fremantle Plumbing, we happen to be leading blocked toilet plumbers. Our team is here to help you through your dilemma. Straight from our handbook, here are 5 key things that you can do to prevent a blocked drain catastrophe. 


Use a drain strainer


Did you know that small debris is the primary reason clogged drains occur? A great way to minimise this from happening is to use a drain strainer. This is a stainless steel object that you can place on the opening of your drainage. This stops small-sized debris from getting into your drain pipes. 


Avoid disposing of cooking grease in the kitchen sink  


A lot of people assume that disposing of cooking oil in the kitchen sink isn’t an issue. But just because cooking oil isn’t solid, doesn’t mean it won’t stick to your pipes, quickly making the pipe-way smaller. We recommend disposing of your used cooking oil into a can or jar and then throwing it in the rubbish bin. Do not drain it into your sink. 


Pour boiling hot water down the kitchen drains 


It’s unavoidable to completely eliminate the possibility of debris getting into your kitchen pipes. However, there is a solution to consider for the little pieces that do manage to get stuck in there. Pour hot water down the kitchen drains or bathroom drains every one to two weeks. This will help melt the build-up of grease and debris inside your kitchen drains. 


Never flush non-toilet paper products 


When attending to nature’s call, be sure to only use your toilet to flush toilet paper. This one should go without saying, but you’ll be surprised at how many homeowners flush other objects down their toilet. This includes sanitary products as they are made of cotton and plastic, and can cause blocked pipes. Not to mention doing this can cause permanent, expensive damage to your entire sewage system. The last thing we want for you is to be forced to replace your drains. 


Have regular inspections and maintenance checks by a blocked drain plumber

Nothing can replace the value of regular maintenance and inspections. When you get support from an expert blocked drain plumber, you catch issues before they become too out of hand. Although, if you have not been keeping on top of your maintenance checks, we do have emergency plumbers in Perth on call – so you will never be stuck for long. 


Contact Fremantle Plumbing, your emergency plumber Perth      


You know what they say – prevention is better than cure. If you feel like your blocked drain is irreversible and is at the point where professional intervention is required, then get in touch with our emergency plumbers in Perth today. We are specialised blocked toilet plumbers who can get you out of your predicament promptly. 

Otherwise, you can explore our case studies here to get a feel for our work, and also browse our services. 



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