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5 Surprising Things That Could Be Damaging Your Plumbing

No two days are the same in the life of a Perth plumber. 

However, there’s some plumbing problems that keep occurring in the everyday home and business. 

We’re starting to believe the general public are often none the wiser when it comes to practices that may damage their plumbing systems. That’s okay, because knowledge is power and we’re here to keep you informed and educated on the plumbing systems that work tirelessly, and most of the time, without issue. 

Want to know 5 surprising things that could be damaging your plumbing? 

Read more from the Perth plumbers at Fremantle Plumbing to find out. 

 1.Disposing more than human waste and toilet paper down a toilet 

Believe us, it does truly happen. Unfortunately, as much as you’d wish and think, flushing something down the toilet doesn’t mean it’s gone forever. This is especially true, for items not supposed to be flushed down the toilet. 

Why and how? 

  • The pipes connected to your toilet are also connected to the main pipes servicing your entire property’s plumbing. 
  • Naturally, a blocked toilet could very well lead to failed plumbing in all your home or business. 
  • Toilets generally have a fairly small outlet, so an excess of anything will often block them. 

The solution? Always stick to what toilets were made for – only flushing down and away human waste and toilet paper. 


 2.Pouring chemicals and other no-no’s down drains 

Blocked drains call for immediate use of drain cleaner and other chemicals down the drain for a quick fix, right?  

Wrong. Why? 

  • When these chemicals are used too much and too often, they will work instead by corroding your drains, essentially making the clog worse. 
  • This is definitely something to avoid if you use a septic tank, as chemicals will kill the essential good bacteria that breaks down waste. 

While you’re avoiding frequent chemicals down the drain, avoid putting anything else but water down either. Why? 

  • Food scraps, cooking oils and unused ingredients is a blockage in your kitchen sink waiting to happen. 
  • Use your garbage disposal system, not the kitchen sink. 

Blocked drains? While these are good preventative measures, if you have them already, you need a Perth plumber. 


3. DIY renovations 

Fixing up your house? Remember to not go into it blindly – especially if you’re cutting into, hammering into or knocking down a wall without any knowledge of existing piping. 

One wrong move could burst a pipe or lead to a hidden pipe leaking through your wall cavity. 


4. Not checking the hoses on your white goods 

You may not even know when/if your dishwasher or washing machine hose bursts…you’ll just notice the flooding. So, check the condition of your white good hoses 2-3 times a year and replace every 5 years. 


5. Trying to fix plumbing problems yourself 

Meddling with a hot water heater, pouring chemicals upon chemicals down blocked drains and taking a toolkit to a burst pipe yourself is all good intentions, but not necessary. 

You need to call a Perth plumber to avoid accidentally damaging your plumbing. 

Fremantle Plumbing have proudly been the blocked drains experts since 1952 and offer a range of diverse plumbing and gas services around Perth. 

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