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Identifying the signs of blocked drains and Pipes

Identifying the signs of blocked drains and Pipes

Plumbing systems – we rely on them in our homes and businesses to provide flowing water to wash ourselves, clothes, dishes, carry away our waste and more.

When drains and pipes are blocked, it’s both inconvenient and not always easily identifiable.

Be sure to contact your local Perth Plumber to fix your blocked drain or pipes, because these issues rarely resolve on their own.

Read on for the latest from Fremantle Plumbing on how you can identify the signs of blocked drains and pipes.

What causes blocked drains and pipes?

Drains and pipes, in a perfect world, would provide us non-stop, accessible water and never get blocked. However, blocked drains and pipes DO happen, and is something your professional Fremantle Plumber can fix for you.

Blocked drains and pipes can be caused by:

  • Food particles,
  • Oil build-up, or
  • Another object lodged in the drain or pipe.

When not disposed of correctly, these materials clump together which traps the easy flow of water in your drains and pipes.

Now that we know what causes them, what are the signs of a blocked pipe or drain?

Sinks not draining fast enough

Have you ever done the dishes in the kitchen sink and found the water to drain ever so slowly?

This is a tell-tale, visible sign of a blocked drain – especially when there’s little-to-no food particles or oily water to blame it on. A slow draining kitchen, bathroom or laundry sink is not only annoying, but makes your tasks take longer to complete.

Act now by calling your Perth Plumber to unclog your drains and get back to a healthy waterflow.

Got toilet issues?

A toilet that won’t flush, despite your many attempts, is another sign of a blocked drain.

Nobody likes dealing with a clogged toilet, so be sure to call your Fremantle Plumber to fix your blocked toilet, drains and pipes and avoid the disaster of an overflowing toilet.


Odours, discolouration and aftertastes, oh my!

Have you noticed a change of colour, smell or taste to your water?

Corroded pipes as well as blocked drains can cause a cloudy tint to your usual crystal, clear water. If whatever is causing your pipe or drain blockages contains corrosive chemical compounds, this will mix with the water and could be harmful to your health.

We can rely on three of our five senses to identify signs of blocked drains and pipes:

  • Our Sight,
  • Smell, and
  • Taste.

When our drinking water tastes funny or water smells foul when opening a faucet or flushing a toilet, you probably have a blocked drain or blocked pipe.

We can identify when something’s wrong with our plumbing, but it’s your trusted Perth plumber who can identify exactly what’s blocking your drain and pipes and fix your plumbing issues.

You don’t have to put up with blocked drains and pipes. Fremantle Plumbing offers residential and commercial plumbing services to fix those pesky smells, discolouration’s and inconvenience of blocked drains and pipes.

Identify the signs yourself and contact your Fremantle Plumber today to get back on track to healthy pipes and drains.

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