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The Qualities of a Good Perth Plumber

What makes a good plumber? That’s the question rarely asked and seldom answered.

It takes a good plumber to answer your call and arrive when they say they will. It also takes a good plumber to get the job done efficiently.

The team at Fremantle Plumbing are here to tell you the qualities of a good plumber, so read on to see the type of Perth Plumber and Fremantle Plumber you should rely on.

A good plumber communicates

From the initial enquiry – a quality of a good plumber is reliable communication with their customers.

Not only from a business perspective, a timely response to a phone call, text message or online enquiry is a positive note for and from a plumber Perth team.

A quality Fremantle plumber will:

  • Reply to your enquiry immediately, or as soon as possible,
  • Keep you informed of their arrival time (more on that later),
  • Inform you of the plumbing issue, what needs to be done and the costs involved, and
  • Be transparent, friendly and professional with customers at all times.

A good plumber is punctual

Isn’t it frustrating when someone says they’re going to arrive at yours at a certain time, and not show?

While delays do happen, a good Perth plumber should try and be punctual at all times.

A quality Fremantle plumber will:

  • Arrive when they say they will,
  • Or inform you of any delays.

Similar with communication, punctuality is a positive sign that you’ve found a good plumber.

From commercial to residential, maintenance to emergencies, trust your Plumber Fremantle team to provide good-old fashioned, quality workmanship.

A good plumber is professional

Yes, a Perth plumber may reply to your enquiry and yes, they may be punctual – but is your Perth plumber professional?

If they take shorter or longer than necessary on the job or are rude or unprofessional – alarm bells may ring in your head. After all, a stranger has just entered your commercial or residential property and not presented themselves as or doing a very professional job.

Hiring a professional plumber in Perth and Fremantle will ensure a trustworthy, reliable plumber who exudes professionalism in their work.

A good plumber is well-trained and efficient

How can I ensure I have enlisted the help of a good plumber in Fremantle?

A Perth plumber with the credentials, experience and up-to-date expertise and training has a very high chance of being a good plumber.

Be confident with who you hire for your plumbing needs in Perth and do your research first.

A good plumber is from Fremantle Plumbing

You’ll feel at ease with a good plumber from Fremantle Plumbing, here’s why:

  • We’re family-owned, not franchised,
  • We’ve been providing Fremantle and Perth with good-quality plumbers and services for over 60 years,
  • We’ve grown and evolved to meet and exceed the needs of customers with commercial and residential plumbing systems, and
  • We’re available for 24/7 emergency plumbing assistance.

Are you tired of choosing the wrong plumber?

Contact Fremantle Plumbing today and feel tired no more.


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